Routine triggered when it should not have

Woke up at 330 am to all of my living room lights on. Apparently my wife jade gotten up at 158am to get some water. She always wakes up early, so I have a routine caled good morning wife, that turns on the living room lights when motion is detected, but only between 430-700 am. How is it possible that this routine was triggered at 158 am?

3:11 am EST Fan Bulb Dimmer "Fan bulb dimmer switch mostly off"
Woke to a group of lights on.
I blamed it on the new device handler I added the night before called Trend Setter (Groups dimmable light to a virtual dimmer)

I see now the problem may have been on the ST side. This group is only controlled by the virtual dimmer and nothing else. e.g. motion sensor, routine, etc.

Weidest thing. Last night, my wife and I were watching TV and suddenly the TV turned off and all the lights went out. My “Power Down” routine executed - this routine is only triggered by manual pressing of either the routine button in the app or via a button on a minimote which was in another room at the time.

Same thing happening to me: I have an Aeotec Micro-Controller hardwired into a junction box in the attic which operates our outdoor flood lights. It can only be controlled by the Minimote. On three occasions, in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping, the outdoor floods came on without any triggering event.