Routine to have Alexa announce something?

So I would like to make a routine where, if two particular contact sensors are open, and a third one is then open, one of my echo’s would make a verbal announcement. if this is possible, can anyone tell me how to do it?

Use webCoRE and Echo Speaks

Cool. I thought I’d probably have to use WebCore. Just found Echo Speaks, looks pretty sweet!

You could also create a virtual contact and create an automation to open it using “AND” conditions for the three contact sensors in the new app, and have an Alexa routine react to that contact opening. If the sequence matters as suggested by your original post, then you might need to use WebCore, but you could still skip Echo Speaks with this approach.

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Is not the sequence is it is the complex logic IF (contact A + contact B) are open AND a third becomes open, then send the notification. That only a custom app can do.

You cannot skip Echo Speaks in this scenario, either, because the way you have it it would fire every time the contact 3 opens, regardless of the state of the other 2 sensors :slight_smile: You can skip it if you create a fourth device, a virtual contact-switch. So that the instance you have opens the virtual contact, which then triggers an Alexa routine…

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You could do it with just the official features and some virtual devices.

If sensor A is open and sensor B is open, turn on proxy switch X.

If proxy switch X is on and sensor C is open, turn on virtual switch Y which is also a Sensor.

If virtual switch/sensor Y is open, use that to trigger an echo routine (not a SmartThings routine).

But of course you have to get everything turned off again when you want it, and that requires additional automations.

But it could be done. :sunglasses:


Yes, that’s what I meant when I asked if sequence matters - whether the third contact has to open after the other two.

Which is exactly what I described.

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