Routine or local smart app to perform action on specific lock user code

I know there are apps that do it cloud based. Routines don’t seem to have this functionality. Anyway to do a routing with a specific lock code user id.


Nope. SmartThings doesn’t have an app for this that runs local.

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BTW-- routines don’t run locally either. Only some smartlighting automations and some bits of smart home monitor run locally at the present time. Routines do not, which is why there is no way to arm/disarm smart home monitor locally. :disappointed_relieved:


Is there a specific advantage to having locally run apps?

Even if the app ran locally and assuming you don’t have internet, it may not carry out all the actions for a couple of reasons:

  1. Routines don’t run locally
  2. Not all devices have Handlers that run locally
  3. Notifications won’t work because it requires the cloud

There are so many dependencies in the cloud that anything beyond just a simple turn off switch or similar action it will crippled the app. Fundamentally ST is designed as a cloud first device and expects a stable internet connection for full operation.


Thanks all