Routine Not Working as Expected (Feb 2024)

I have a routine that turns on lights during a specific time period. The time period is 17.00 to 22.00 but the lights are coming on at 16.00. I have checked the country (U. K) and as far as I can see everything else is O. K. Any help appreciated.

what does History show for the device at 16:00 when they come on? History may point you in the direction to what is causing them to turn on. Checked other Routines? Do you use Alexa? If so, check if Hunches is enabled and creating Routines on that platform.

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In addition to the suggestions from @jkp, check your geolocation setting for the Location.


Thanks for replying.In history the motion sensor shows an activation at 16.01, and the two light switches turn on at 16.01. So no clue there. I did have them in Alexa but the routine has been disabled. I cannot see any conflict anywhere.


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I had a similar problem.
I was away and changed the on-time for a routine. It somehow ended up using the timezone where I was when I made the change, not the timezone where the home location was.
No idea if this is your problem, but it certainly had me confused…