Routine Name Need A label or list view

I created 5 routines which are Bedroom Lamps Soft, Bedroom Lamps TV, Bedroom Lamps Relax, Bedroom Lamps Reading, Bedroom Lamps Off. Because the apps are square boxes they only display part of the name. So all 5 of these routines appear as Bedroom Lamps. Therefore you can’t tell which one does what. The work around I did was to abreviate the names like B Lamps Soft. However when you use google home voice prompt you have to use the abreviated names and it sounds funny. What do I do when I get to the Lving Room, use R. And what if I have more than one bedroom, now what? This could be resolved if ST provided a list view so I could see more of the name. Another solotion would be to have a lable name which could be short and than the normal name that would be used by google.


Good request Robert!

As an FYI, ActionTiles customers find our app convenient for running Routines because we offer both a List View (i.e., a “Routines” (plural) Tile that slides up a list) and a Single Routine Tile (of which you can drop an unlimited number onto your dashboard Panels in any order).

If a Scene is added to a Routine, that is the current method that ActionTile will now already support the activation of Scenes.