Routine is slow to execute to disarm system cause system to alarm

(Ronnarong Wongmalasit) #1


I have my security alarm is arm when everyone leave home.
I have 2 android phones and 1 present sensor.

It working perfectly when every one left home.

Then I have one routine config to disarm system when someone arrived.
But this is a problem, I will always get intrusion alert because someone open the front door since the routine is slow to execute to disarm system then after one or two intrusion alert then the routine will run and disarm system.

Anyone know how to tweak this?


(Ran) #2

My “Im Back” routine does the same. As my garage door opens, the system thinks its an intruder due to the delay in the disarm execution. Not sure of the routine protocol, but if the disarm could happen first before other things are executed would be amazing!!!

(Larry) #3

I exclude the garage doors from the security and have it open the garage door and unlock the doors when the presence sensor is in range… I now only use smart alarm and shm … was not disarming correctly…