Routine for monitoring a variable wattage Countertop Oven?

I’m trying to setup a routine for monitoring a Countertop Oven that uses Ifrared heating tube that’s on roughly every 30 seconds. The goal is to send a notification when the oven is done (0 watt). The zooz 15 energy plug shows histories, commonly, 3 power events within the same minute (e.g, 0.7w, 1233w, 0w).

A routine allows trigger on wattage equal to 0W, but since the wattage arrive in multiple events, and varies every minute, I need an option that basically states “If wattage equals to 0 for an extended period of 2 minutes, Then action.”

There doesn’t seem to be an option for this.


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I think you could probably do this with two virtual switches
1 When the wattage gets to zero open the switch1 (ZeroWatts) and switch2 (Timer) with auto off in 2 minutes.
2 At any time if the wattage goes above zero then close swtich 1 (Zerowatts)
3 Triggers when switch2 (timer closes) - if switch1 (zerowatts) is still open then its been zero for 2 mins so take the action.


Apologize for the late reply. The solution with 2 virtual switches and 3 routines worked out perfectly. Thank you.


Great to hear, glad to be of help!