Routine Fails When Two Phones are Connected

I just recently set up the Smartthings app on my phone and then added my wife as a user. We both have Android phones. I installed a smart outlet to control my entertainment center. When I set up a routine to wake the entertainment center at a certain time, the routine fails and the smart outlet loses its functionality. If I reset everything and try the same routine while one of the two phones is turned off, the routine works perfectly. Is this a known issue? Does anyone know of a workaround other than removing my wife as a user?

That’s very odd. I’m not sure how having a second user on your account would prevent a ZigBee command from being issued to an outlet. If you open this page prior to running the routine, do any logs or errors pop up?

How far away is the outlet from your Hub? Have you tried temporarily bringing the outlet much closer in order to rule out radio interference or distance issues?

Sorry, I should have been a bit more specific. It’s a GE z-wave type outlet. The hub and router is in the line of sight about 50 feet away. I do have a repeater, however, that is within 6 feet of the outlet. The on/off command works every time. That is, until the routine is initiated. Then even the on/off command no longer works and the outlet will not provide power. There are no logs or errors, and the event is appearing in the event list.

Do you, by chance, have a dimmer being set in that same routine?

No, the only device being used in the routine is the GE smart outlet. I am using the smartthings hub in connection with the echo, but I wouldn’t suspect that as being a potential cause of the problem.