Routine Director

@slagle - I was using your “Home Phrase Director” smartapp which is linked to the SmartThings public github repo. I noticed in the Marketplace, there is an updated app called “Routine Director” that was updated yesterday. What is the difference between this app and “Home Phrase Director”? Also, is “Routine Director” code stored anywhere in a github for future updating? Or does it update itself since it’s a published marketplace app?

Routine Director is the current version and it is up to date in the marketplace.

Thanks but why didn’t the code update in the github? Was it setup as a brand new app? How will I maintain this one for future updates?

Hello, home phrase director is no longer being maintained. If you want the latest code use Routine Director. No need to maintain the code then, the platform does it for you.

Great. So if you update the code, since it’s an officially published app in the Marketplace, it automatically gets pushed to you?

Exactly, that is why we want to get more SmartApps published. Automatic updates is but one of the many benefits to the customer.

Interesting, I am all for for that! I hate having to visit the IDE and update, even with github, it’s still very manual.