Router working one day, then stopped working

(Ivan Delgadillo) #1

So I had my system at my house working just fine, the router is away from anyone, it was just perfect. Then just this monday stopped working! What gives? What can I do to get the router working again? The router was connected, electric power connected, like aways. I borrowed a friends system (same system), and it just worked fine.

None of the lights of the router go on, they are off. Even when connected. What do you recommend?


(Darryl) #2

I suspect your referring to your Internet Router, and not a SmartThings hub? This may not be the best forum to get assistance on…

If its a SmartThings issue you are experiencing—please contact as they should be your first stop! :smile:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Hi Ivan … sorry to hear you have troubles!

I presume you are referring to the SmartThings Hub (not a wifi router):

Unplugging and plugging it in again is always the first step.

Next: email: – they are the experts.