Router/repeaters not just mains-powered


So, I thought routers/repeaters were only electric, but apparently not (anymore).

I just noticed that a dome door/window contact is not only routing thru a battery powered ring keypad, but also battery powered first alert smoke/CO alarm (new zwave plus), and battery powered Linear/GoControl siren, and electric powered monoprice router/repeater and finally to the hub.

[This Device (xc) ] ↔ [!Ring Keypad 1 (jl) ] ↔ [Smoke/CO Alarm LRE (r9) ] ↔ [Siren LGC K (7u) ] ↔ [Siren Switch Office (21) ] ↔ [Home Hub]

whats interesting is the hub is about 5 feet to the left of the dome sensor, but its going the opposite direction zigzagging (not straight line) before the powered monoprice router/repeater then back tracking across/over the battery powered devices its linking thru finally to the hub

I’ve usually said that most battery powered devices are not repeaters because it uses too much battery life. But there are a few that can repeat, usually devices which are normally mains-powered but which switch over to battery when the power goes out.

Devices for security systems also sometimes have switchable battery powered repeaters in order to provide continuity of service during a power outage. The Ring security system is a good example of this. :sunglasses:

ah, thats what i was thinking about the ring keypad since it can be plugged in to charge, but is not currently plugged in - testing how long it can go on a charge.

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As far as the pattern, the only thing the smartthings report is showing you is the last path that it recorded. It can take any of many different paths depending on which repeaters are busy. :sunglasses:

yup, i’ve noticed both zigbee and zwave paths can change in the blink of an eye.

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