Router configuration web page

I know you can configure the Wi-Fi settings through the SmartThings app, but does the Connect Home Wi-Fi hub have a web page that you can use to see and configure the router’s settings? I’ve tried opening the router’s IP address in my browser, which is typically how I’ve done it with other routers, but nothing loads and I get a “connection refused” message.

You’re saying you can’t see your router’s configuration page? That’s not a good sign. Try unplugging your router for 30 seconds and see if that helps.

I believe the OP is asking specifically about the Samsung Wi-Fi mesh system under the SmartThings brand. I would suggest contacting support.

I can’t comment specifically on the Samsung router, if you’re just putting the IP in, it may be resolving to https://. Try using http:// instead. That’s an issue that often arises with some Netgear routers so it’s worth a shot.

can you ping the ip of your router?