Router and mobile presence issue

(Mark) #1

Hello, maybe someone has some thoughts on this issue?
I only have one device connected to my Hub and that’s a Z-Wave garage controller. I run a Linksys E1200 for my router and everything runs great. The routines fire as they should… When I leave my garage door closes, when I return my garage door opens, flawlessly with not one issue.
Decided to hook up my Netgear N900 dual-band router to be able to route all my Wi-Fi traffic for phone and firestick on 5 gigahertz. The problem is the moment I hook up the N900 my ST app starts going nuts saying it’s a way then present and way again. I have deleted my phone on the API page and entered it back into the app and into the routines but continues to freak out even if I connect my Android on 2.4ghz.
If I hook my E1200 back up everything works flawlessly again.
Banging my head on this and cannot figure it out.


What are you using for your presence indicator? Your mobile phone? A smart things brand arrival sensor? Life 360?

(Mark) #3

My android