Route information without Smartthings IDE

In Smartthings IDE, there is a section for route information in a device page. Once Smartthings IDE is deprecated, how can we get the information? Thank you

You can’t get routing for Edge devices using what is supplied by SmartThings.


The information doesn’t seem to be anywhere yet and we don’t yet know if it will be.

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We’re all wondering the same thing:

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Some of the info is available from the CLI and a bit more from the API Browser from @TAustin. Nothing official yet and not everything that is/was available from the IDE is exposed via APIs yet.

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This is super! Thank you for the information.

I used to see Harmony Activity items in the device list from Smartthings app when creating routines. Those items were from the harmony smartapp. Since Logitech don’t support this smartapp anymore, I removed them a long time ago could not complete remove those orphan items. Thanks to @TAustin 's API browser. I can now remove them!!