Root Cause of most of my ST issues

We prefer the “bitch” part before the “and moan” part.


one last thing before i sign off for the night. External API’s can cause issues yes, but this is not the crux of the issues for me. If i have issues i can trace i don’t really have an issue as this can be worked on.

but the posts i have moaned about most are where i have tried to isolate the odd issue i have had and trace it in the logs. my biggest gripe is that changes are being made such as modes without any trace in any of the logs available to us lowly users. this is an impossible situation to work with IMHO.

Add Smart Light and Routines to that list and this is my main reason I am using Rule Machine or custom apps :slight_smile: You cannot debug without logs :slight_smile: So then you’re left at the mercy of an absent support…

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I always have issues with SHM. i am getting wrong alters for door/window sensors. i have 2 multi sensor and 1 regular sensor. 2 multi sensors i am getting wrong alerts at night when i turn on SHM. i did for two days and siren blows up night every 10 to 15 min. i turns of the SMH every night.

Sent email to support no response. it is useless for security system as my opinion. i cannot use it for security, i made bad decision thinking Samsung (smarthtings) good company.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Just wanted to chime in and let you know we are working on somethings. I don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver (we’ve been know to do that :expressionless:) but i am marking this thread as a thread I will use to communicate these changes when they are closer.

Again, i appreciate the feedback @Fuzzyligic, and others, don’t hesitate to keep it coming or PM me to talk to me on a more personal level.


This! I don’t want to wake up at 5:54 either!! Scheduled tasks should have 99.999999999% reliability.

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Can I just congratulate you on being one of the rare few who can actually write constructive criticism in a way that doesn’t make you look whiny.



Yes well I have been guilty of that very recently too. But then I calmed down? And then got my head back in the game


I thought you went to bed! So does “head back in the game” mean you’re ready to by whiny or the more constructive bit? Either would be good.


I am but there nothing like a bit of bedtime reading! As for the other question I intend to stay more on the constructive side. Unless of course my devices in the DB get screwed again…at that point be assured I will be on here threatening to sue everyone :slight_smile: anyway goodnight this time I’m Deffo outta here.


Actually it’s a regional issue, east coasters are much more vocal then west coasters…

Spoken like a true Pacific Northwester!!

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Born and bread in NY…, so I have a very keen understanding of the passive aggressive west coasters…


I’m on a V2 hub with about 70 total devices. 98% of them are able to run local. For the most basic of automation, if it can run local it goes in smart lighting, everything else is in rule machine.

I can say this snort my system. It is extremely stable, not counting the system wide crash I had a few days ago, which I am convinced was my fault.

Since about the first week of October I have not had a single sunset/sunrise failure. I have also not had a mode fail to change states, and I have not had a single misfire in a routine.

This is the reason why… And it’s very simple.

Since about the first week of October I no longer used sunset/sunrise as a trigger, I no longer use modes, and I no longer use a single routine.

They have all been working perfectly for me, they all stay off.

Everything that can be done with those, minus the modes to an extent, can be done with smart lighting and rule machine and a handful of other apps.

Yes, I know. This is not the way the state was and is marketed. But for me, and I can only speak for me, this is the way that I can tell Alexa to turn on a virtual switch and not feel compelled to see if my thermostat temp changed. Or that I have to check if my porch lights came on when it was dark. (It gets dark about 5, the lights come on at 4:30).

Honestly, the only thing I have that is sketchy is my Android presence, but it has never failed to work. There have been a few times that there was a minute or two delay, but it still worked.

Please don’t take this as if I’m being condescending. I’m not. ST has major infrastructure issues. I honestly believe their servers need to be upgraded to handle the load. I believe they need more servers. There should be dedicated servers.

Sunrise/sunset servers
Mode servers
Routine servers.

At the ST head quarters is should be 100% cloudy, not partially sunny with a smattering of cloud cover.
That place should be like the great northwest in Dec… Full cloud coverage from 100 ft to the ceiling.

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This is what I really really want fixed. Its been documented the various workarounds to improve stability which is great. But for my thinking this product should be a consumer level product, without this I do wonder about the smartthings longevity going forward.
My experience has been less than stellar, but im an IT guy. I do wonder what someone who is not would make of it as it stands, it is being sold here along side all consumer grade stuff in Curry’s and PC World and marketed as such.


I to an an IT guy. I agree that this periodic is on the shelf next to other consumer products, which is supposed to mean consumer ready.

Having to do work arounds is unacceptable.

Even the wink hub was more reliable. It worked.
Just very very slowly.


Tim, I take it one of those things is the new 2.0.7 IOS Client that pushed last night, i’ve gotta say this looks to be a big improvement in app reliability so far. well done


Wait…hold on, you’re telling me that events are executed on their servers and pushed down to our hubs? :confused: I had my first ghost event last night and I only have 10 things and two events setup. This is scary, I don’t want my morning routine going off at night and turning on lights and music.

You don’t, oh c’mon is a lot of fun. Don’t you need to spice up your night sometime? You should throw in a siren or two, just to feel the groove.


unfort. I have found a few issues that have no workaround… if some of your trigger rules with rule machine or presence… If you come home around 5-6 pm or sunrise sunset etc, or a motion tries to trigger something. and it is not a localy processed routine it fails probably as summized due to overloads at that time.

there is no way to really have a backup… I returned , open the garage door, disarm etc.

and also turn on the lamp when motion occurs… if it delays too much it is basically useless.