Root Cause of most of my ST issues

the problem with IFTTT is it is far too limited in its scope. i really really need IFTTTTTOT for most of my rules in ST which is why Rules Engine is excellent.

please don’t take this the wrong way but that really is where the split is between ST users, you get those of you who are using it to schedule a small number of things based on a small number of sensors seem to be ok.

IFTTT has its place because of the number of channels it has, but in my opinion should be used the other way around, do evaluations in ST and then use IFTTT to trigger a device with no integration, this is how i am using it for my Tado Heating & HVAC thermostats as i have a read only device type now for each.

If i you are using it for is switching on Christmas Lights and simple evaluations such as that then i far cheaper and simpler way IMHO would be to use a cheap and 100% effective timer at a cost of £4, just my 2c worth.

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I was just talking about eliminating sun state issues, which Rule Machine is dependent on. So using Rule Machine doesn’t solve the platform issue!

LOL…this is funny. How do you know how many things I have? Just curious…

While that is true! It’s even much cheaper to use a Wemo insight that was just lying around the house :slight_smile: Sure, I could have used the Wemo integration in ST, but …well you might know already how well Wemo works with ST.

I don’t, but i do see a lot of posts where people state they have no issues who do only have a small number of devices and simple automations. so pray tell how many you have? just curious :smile:

What is a “small number of sensors”? I have about 200 devices, of which 25% are sensors. Zero IFTTT. Count me in the group who has few problems. I have about 50 Rules and probably 50 other SmartApps doing automations.

The vast majority of my stuff works the vast majority of the time.

where can i find this magic “rule Machine” ?

Follow this link:

Ha, I am well beyond your 98 inventory, but unlike you, most of my devices connected to ST are eligible to run locally. Your 88 devices may be the root cause of the issues you are experiencing, especially if they are based on external APIs. If they are just custom device types, then you may have a good chance to see the stabilization that Bruce is talking about.

Bobby, I’m on hub V1 with 200 devices. Very few problems, 100% cloud based…

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I know, but if @Fuzzyligic has most of devices based on external APIs, it can cause a lot of troubles.My remark wasn’t about local processing but rather about the type of devices.

Understood. The weak under-belly has always been external APIs. I avoid them after my experience with Wemo and TCP. Echo and Harmony work very well for me.

Yup, and you can add Hue bridge to that list. Since I moved all my GE link bulbs to Hue, I have had 0 problems. Hue doesn’t “forget” to dim the bulbs nor loses them, and ST has been kind not to time them out so I can use them in Rule Machine :slight_smile:

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The majority of my automations are also now working a vast majority of times also. but as stated this is not a solid 100%
and what i am trying to drive home here is how important HA is when you start to use it for door locks and the physical security of your home.

but this is why i have referred this issue as the ghost in the machine as there are instances where this thrown out of the window and i was trying to throw my observations on the instances where this was failing and my reasoning why.

the problem is my house is wired in most cases where there is no manual overrides except on wall mounted tablets as i went about this in one big hit before i realised the issues that were prevalent on the platform. but maybe some people are happy driving away from their home hoping the lock will actually lock when they leave for example. me though with he current issues that do crop up occasionally though would not trust it. and unless i could see the door and manually test it is locked, as the status cannot be 100% guaranteed to be correct at the time you look to check on the incredibly buggy app (yes i use which does improve the situation massively, but the status updates can sometimes be a bit slow also )

pretty sure my insurance would not want to pay out if i was burgled without forced entry :stuck_out_tongue: not sure though!

i could rant and rant, its not all bad though. but i did experience i big issue just before Christmas that was a bug in the backend database where the devices i had could not be parsed. and the only way around this was to delete nearly all the devices/smartapps/rules until it was fixed. this took a hell of a lot of time and undid lots and lots of work. i was faced with the prospect of a Christmas in the dark as the pitiful response time from ST support would not have helped me. but in the end i had to work for nearly 2 days straight to fix, this highlighted what i would give for a Windows Based Admin app to re-input the rules etc… and even more so a way to back all this stuff up. as it seems ST’s solution in the same situation was to forcefully remove peoples devices also leaving them with the same issue of having to redo all the work, but with no explanation of the root cause, and an outage of over 3 and 1/2 weeks before support fixed

now the interesting thing is, the device that caused that issue on the backend database was caused by an officially supported device, an Aeon Relay.

there is a HA utopia to be had somewhere, but i don’t personally think that will be with ST any time soon. especially as they have announced V3 Hub integrated with the Samsung TV’s. they seriously need to get their house in order before having more kids :slight_smile:

but i am British and us Brits are known for having a good moan. the same is not known on the other side of the pond AFAIK

We prefer the “bitch” part before the “and moan” part.


one last thing before i sign off for the night. External API’s can cause issues yes, but this is not the crux of the issues for me. If i have issues i can trace i don’t really have an issue as this can be worked on.

but the posts i have moaned about most are where i have tried to isolate the odd issue i have had and trace it in the logs. my biggest gripe is that changes are being made such as modes without any trace in any of the logs available to us lowly users. this is an impossible situation to work with IMHO.

Add Smart Light and Routines to that list and this is my main reason I am using Rule Machine or custom apps :slight_smile: You cannot debug without logs :slight_smile: So then you’re left at the mercy of an absent support…

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I always have issues with SHM. i am getting wrong alters for door/window sensors. i have 2 multi sensor and 1 regular sensor. 2 multi sensors i am getting wrong alerts at night when i turn on SHM. i did for two days and siren blows up night every 10 to 15 min. i turns of the SMH every night.

Sent email to support no response. it is useless for security system as my opinion. i cannot use it for security, i made bad decision thinking Samsung (smarthtings) good company.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Just wanted to chime in and let you know we are working on somethings. I don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver (we’ve been know to do that :expressionless:) but i am marking this thread as a thread I will use to communicate these changes when they are closer.

Again, i appreciate the feedback @Fuzzyligic, and others, don’t hesitate to keep it coming or PM me to talk to me on a more personal level.


This! I don’t want to wake up at 5:54 either!! Scheduled tasks should have 99.999999999% reliability.

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Can I just congratulate you on being one of the rare few who can actually write constructive criticism in a way that doesn’t make you look whiny.



Yes well I have been guilty of that very recently too. But then I calmed down? And then got my head back in the game