Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized home automation with Occupancy

I was able to catch an error when weird activity was happening.

Anyone have any thoughts? I believe this is causing rooms to go switch to engaged or occupied when they shouldn’t.

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Sorry for the clueless n00b questions. This looks like a really cool app. I’m trying to install it from the instructions here but I’m nothing close to a developer. I tried adding all three components in my ST account under ‘My Device Handlers’. I ticked ‘create new’ and ‘from code’ then copied and pasted everything from each link, saved it and successfully published them. They now show up in the list under ‘My Device Handlers’. I looked both in my ST app and on my account page under ‘My Smart Apps’ but there’s nothing there. I’m not sure how to install the RM app. Can you point me to some documentation written for mere mortals? Thanks…!

You need to have the following installed:
Device Handler:

Hope this helps

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Thanks - much appreciated. I don’t see rooms: child settings or rooms: vacation, but I’m guessing they’re part of the other two or generated by them since vacation manager shows up in the initial menu when I start rooms manager… Anyway, seems like it’s working now… I need to spend some time reading the rest of this thread and messing with everything to make sense of it. Thanks for sharing your talent and helping me get it going…!

Don’t sweat it. I’m fairly new to the community as well and everybody is very helpful here. Bengali has created a very useful app.

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I’m experiencing something similar, I just haven’t had time to check logs , at the moment my smart rooms have been reverted back to manual lights.

I’m having an issue with AutoLevel on one of my rooms. AutoLevel works in my other rooms, but for some reason this one doesn’t. Maybe it has to do with the fact that this room has lights that can only change level, not temperature or colour.
Whenever I set a rule that uses Autolevel as the level to set the lights, the room gets stuck and isn’t able to change modes from Vacant to Engaged/Occupied. I tried changing every possible setting on AutoLevel and it still gets stuck.
On the Live Logging in the IDE there is an error every time it tries to change mode and fails:

9ec3c04d-5429-4c10-af22-86e6f49b08cc 09:33:39: error org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object ‘null’ with class ‘null’ to class ‘int’. Try ‘java.lang.Integer’ instead @line 4253 (calculateLevelOrKelvin)

Changing the rule to setting the level manually (say, 100%) works normally.

I’m happy to troubleshoot in the code if you tell me what to change.

Thank you very much

Turning on every toggle in the AutoLevel settings fixed it. Maybe it’s some configuration parameters missing if you don’t fill it all?

Hey @bangali, sorry to ask but any chance you could release your new version that relies less on timers, even if only as a beta?
Thank you so much!

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If lights are manually turned on via another method, the app doesn’t seem to be turning these lights off again when the mode changes back to vacant. I have even set a rule for vacant to turn lights off. Is it remembering the last state somehow?

I digress … I went and got some I blinds, is there a way I can handle them thru Rooms Manager ?

@bangali, I hope you can help me explain how this all works. Let’s take “occupancy”. If I walk into a room and a sensor trips and changes to “action” I see that the room state goes to “occupied” as expected. If I have a timeout of 60 seconds in RoomOccupancy, when does the time start counting down? If I keep moving around will it start counting down from 60 when my Active status changes to NonActive? If I move again will it reset the counter?

In the room devices screen, one of the settings is which motion event to use for the timeout (last active / last inactive).

So if I use “last inactive” as my event timeout, will the SmartApp re-initiate the countdown each time there is a new timeout? Are there recommendations for what to set this too? Why would I use one or the other? What are typical settings? Thanks for the help!

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