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Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized home automation with Occupancy

sorry … been traveling a lot. please try deleting it from the IDE? remove the rooms occupancy devices first then remove the rooms and the app?

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Thank you, this has successfully removed the app. I will now try a new fresh installation and start over.

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Cool beans. Thanks for following up!

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Hi All, its been a while, which is often a good sign.

@Bangali hope the travelling is going well and you get some time to enjoy the places.

I saw this mentioned a few weeks ago, but I am experiencing it more and more, the rooms often get stuck in checking status and as such the lights don’t go out. It isn’t too bad if your going to be passing through the room again but when leaving for a while its a problem.

Are others experiencing this? If so has anyone come up with a feasible workaround to get the room out of checking status after X minutes or something ie is there a rule logic I can apply?

Yes, it happens to me too. I got so tired of seeing lights on, I created a webCoRe piston as a backup that mirrors the engaged state timer before turning off the light. Sucks that lights are on for an extended period, but at least they are not on for hours on end.

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@sblock23 unfortunately its good to see its still happening to others and I’m not an isolated case.

Nice work around, would you be willing to share the anonymoused version of that piston?

traveling going well … but time is a bit more precious right now :slight_smile:

is it consistently reproducible? how long has it been going on? i am not experiencing the same or would have dug in already.

Here you go…

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@sblock23 & @KellyDarren one of the reasons this could be happening is because timers on ST can be unreliable. i have updated the code to do away with some of the timers i was using for state transition on ST. still using timers on HE where the timers are more reliable and also because of local processing timers are more effective than on ST.

i am going to test the code tomorrow and hopefully release it if everything processes as it should.


@sblock23 Many thanks for sharing

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@bangali Isn’t time always precious, something we can never get back.

Apologies for the late reply, we actually had some nice weather for a weekend and I was busy enjoying some BBQs and staying off line :slight_smile: and watching my football team finish a miserable season :frowning:

I’d say it has progressively gotten worse over the last 2/3 months about the same time ST has had its on set of infrastructural issues and reproducible, not for me, I haven’t seen any common trend.

I didn’t mean you to go code digging @bangali, but thanks. How are you getting on with HE? I must say the whole local processing is beginning to tickle my fancy more and more. I got a hue light and hub on a good deal last Xmas and moved my Ikea lights over to the Hue hub instead of ST and I find the response (which is local) so much faster. Came in very handy also the other morning, my internet was down but my Ikea lights were working nicely :slight_smile:

@KellyDarren true. just feels more precious when you have a bunch stuff going on. :slight_smile:

no worries. nice. hey at least you got to enjoy the bbqs.

yeah … ST does poorly with timers because they can be lossy specially when the infra is under stress. i have done the code change to remove some of the timers. not a lot of code change but the effective change is pretty significant from an operational perspective. so letting it run for a bit longer before releasing.

HE local processing is great and over the last few months the platform itself has matured significantly. if i were comparing it to ST the only think to remember is local processing does not have the horsepower of distributed processing. but thats a pro and a con. :slight_smile:

Is this a standalone smartapp or do I need webcore?

I have pulled all the files from the repository but when I try to create a room and click save i get the error message “Error saving page” Can you help?

you dont need webcore. this is standalone.

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please make sure you add the device handler first then all 4 apps and publish ALL of these. when creating the 1st room give it a name and save the room. then click on that room name and add all the settings you want and save the room.

should work from there.

Finally worked…

Loved all the work done here. Thank you.

I am having some issues where rooms are just moving to engaged without any movement on a motion sensor.

Let me know your thoughts.

@bangali do you have any more ideas or examples on how to utilize this app? Similar to Ask Alexa examples thread? I feel like I am not fully taking advantage.

@bangali I love this smartapp. Can you please add functionality to regulate the house thermostat according to the temperature in a specific room? Similar to the Thermostat Director?