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Hey thank you so much for creating this. Discovering this smartapp has greatly increased the usability of my motion controlled lighting, and I can’t thank you enough.

I have a couple of questions/issues that I’m hoping to resolve. First, it doesn’t seem as though the “Checking” state is working as described. During the checking stage, the lights are actually turning off. I’m not sure if it’s the timing or if I’m not understanding this properly.

Lastly, I’m also having issues with asleep state. I have 2 whitings bed sensors that I integrated via IFTTT and a virtual switch. I would like to create a rule that says if after 10PM, my wife’s sensor turns on, then set the room to asleep until it’s X time, and the sensor turns to off. Is this something I would create in the rules setting, or should this be done in webcore?

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so what happens is if there is a rule with vacant state the setting for turn off when no rule match is ignored with the assumption that user wants to also handle the vacant state.

create another vacant rule which turns on no switches but turns off the candle and that should do it.

i should probably disable the turn off when no rule match flag when there is a vacant rule.

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as @KellyDarren said not installing vacation one will work.

but generally recommend installing all components ie 1 DTH and 4 smartapps. that way if you click on something that is in one of the not installed smartapps you wont see any errors in the logs.

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you are welcome. if you feel strongly about thanking me … donation is always an option … always encouraged but always optional. :slight_smile:

go to the view all settings page … turn on the flag to show only settings with values and share the screenshots of settings please. just easier to help diagnose that way.

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That’s what I did, I’m good with that solution…


See attached.

How do I go about donating?

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I have a laundry room that I don’t have a motion sensor in as of yet but I do have a smart switch. Can I use the switch being turned on to trigger engaged or occupied ? Is the “** if a switch turns on?** an action or condition? I want to turn the switch off after x minutes. I know I can do a Piston real easy just wanted to know if I can do it in the app until I get a motion sensor.


Hi Bangali, I see you’ve integrated Alexa in your Room Manager. May I ask for your help to integrate it in my SmartApp? I’ve tried to look how you did it in your app but it’s massive and overwhelming; very impressive though I must say. You do there may checks and validations I guess for making it work in any condition. I just need the basic to make it work, at least to get started. I’d appreciate your help.

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the settings seems OK. could you please describe whats happening by looking at the room occupancy device in the ST app. room changes to occupied and timer should show 30s. that runs down then room changes to checking? what happens to the timer? at what point exactly in this do the lights turn off?

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yes … check both occupied and engaged settings which allows you to select the respective state switch. set the timeout for the respective state and create a vacant rule to turn off the switch.

btw … i dont think i have tried this. let me know if it does not work and we will figure it out. :slight_smile:

EDIT: tested it. seems to work fine with occupied switch.

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i integrated using ask alexa … lots of info here:

if you have questions on ask alexa the author @MichaelS is the right person to ask.

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Thanks @bangali

@crimson let me know what you want to integrate. Ask Alexa is integrated with 20 other smart apps…we can make yours #21 :slight_smile:

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missed this one:

how about:

  • use the virtual switch as the asleep switch?
  • and use the asleep state timeout setting to set room to awake?

@nathancu isnt this the same sleep sensor you use? do you have it directly connected to ST and working with rooms?


Thank you so much bangali! It looks like what I need.


Thank you bangali. It looks like it’ll take me some good time just to follow all the setup instructions. It looks like I’ll take more advantage of your generosity to help which is very much appreciated!


Nothing special. I’d like to begin with just the two basic commands of Good Morning and Good Night that will activate the appropriate modes in my application. Once I’m able to get into my application a voice command and reply to it with a voice prompt, then I can begin building around it my application logic.

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It is… And it’s connected in a similar fashion.

@kukuhome I also had a similar issue to overcome, else every time I sat on the bed during the day, the room would go to sleep mode.

I created a virtual switch called bedroom sleep sensor and I trigger the master bedroom occupancy sleep mode from that (don’t forget to set the switch that allows the sleep mode to override the other modes)

I created a webcore piston that uses the logic I want to determine whether we will actually throw the sleep sensor to on. Right now mine is activated if either of my sleep sensors activate after 10P and deactivated if BOTH sensors deactivate after EARLYMORNING (which is a time in the morning set by another piston)

I also have logic in the webcore piston that detects if the master bedroom occupancy changes away from sleep, and turn off bedroom sleep sensor manually.

Works like a champ.

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so if i added time from - to when sleep sensor works as a trigger to set asleep state that would simplify this?

unsetting asleep state shouldnt require this time from - to because if the room is not asleep and the sleep sensors deactivate nothing will happen.

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No it wouldn’t because I still have to perform checks to see which sensors activated or deactivated and my end time changes on a complex set of rules that change based on a calendar and a bunch of other conditions… If I already have to perform these logic checks I prefer to keep them all together in one module.

It may work forl someone, but it wouldn’t affect my use case.

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Attempting to create a rule in my bathroom that when my Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor registers humidity above 75%, to turn on the exhaust fan. When I create a Humidity rule I get the error below in my IDE and my room goes immediately back to Vacant once motion has ceased. If I disable the humidity rule the issue goes away.

IDE: 12d1c3ab-92e2-4fec-b9bc-e343d223cf65 9:36:24 PM: error groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.lang.Float#multiply.
Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null] due to overlapping prototypes between:
[class java.lang.Character]
[class java.lang.Number] @line 3364 (processHumidity

Edit: Correct Room