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@bangali Trying to figure out what is turning off the light in my room Office.

Also I can’t delete the room. It gives me a generic error.


Edit I was able to delete the room by first deleting the room thing and then going into the smart app and deleting the room. But the issue of the light still turning off automatically is not solved.

(the rooms manager guy) #1650

In the office room under general settings there is a toggle to turn off all switches when no rules match. is that set to on or off? may need to be toggled.

(the rooms manager guy) #1651


on this … one thing i remembered is the DTH also exposes 9 buttons each of which corresponds to a room state. is there any way in actiontiles to show these 9 buttons for the rooms occupancy device on the dashboard and push the corresponding button when user wants to set a particular state?

thank you.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1652

The short term workaround for a 9 multiple-Button device is to create 9 individual “Momentary” Devices and use a SmartApp (WebCoRE or custom) to have them issue commands to the real Device.

(the rooms manager guy) #1653

thanks for all the great info!

on classic ST the button capability supports a numberOfButtons attribute … for example:

all button devices seem to support this attribute. could this be leveraged for now?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1654

I wish I could dig up my standard answer on this because it would save me a lot of typing:

  • A Button (or set of Buttons) is a SENSOR, not an ACTUATOR.

i.e., a Button has NO COMMANDS!!! :confounded:

Sorry for the shouting but this one gets me worked up to no end.

A SmartApp cannot “press a button” (more accurately: cannot “make a button feel like it is being pressed”) anymore than a SmartApp can “make a motion detector sense that something is moving”.

Conversely and ironically, a device of Capability “Momentary” is an Actuator (but not a Sensor). It has a single Command “push()” and no Attributes.

A SmartApp can issue Commands and read Attributes. A SmartApp cannot directly set Attributes, so it must use Commands. A Button has no Commands.

For ActionTiles to support “Button”, ActionTiles would have to be a Device not just a SmartApp.
(And BTW: This is something we are considering.)

(the rooms manager guy) #1655

well thats so obviously smart … why would a button device ever need a push(buttonNumber) command?!? :wink:

good to hear. :slight_smile:


I had to delete the room since the WAF was not on my side.

(the rooms manager guy) #1657

understood. setup another room with same settings but using virtual devices and we will get it figured out so you get some brownie points with her? :slight_smile:

(Richard Bryant) #1658

All this time I been a part of the community I was like “what the expletive is a WAF”, but was too proud to ask… it just popped in with your response…


(the rooms manager guy) #1659


dang it … cant get it off my mind … what are those towers supposed to be?


Speakers! Surround Sound.


I have a office test setup let me know what you would like me to do.

(the rooms manager guy) #1662

cool. lets do the following:

  • check the settings for the room to confirm turn off all switches when no rules match in general settings is off
  • then use virtual motion sensor to trigger the same as would have been triggered in the real office

let’s see if the lights turn off.

basically simulate the same as would have in the real office.


So I’ve tried these yesterday but I originally set this up for Red,Green,White, but then wanted to go and remove White and leave it as Red,Green and got a message that I need to change something, so not sure if there is a minimum character limit for the colors field.

Also, wanted to know if there was a way to specify which bulb starts which color.

I have 4 bulbs outside and the way it was going yesterday was Red Green Green Red (not including white for the sake of the example), But I would want it to go as Red, Green, Red, Green, and then transition to Green, Red, Green, Red, so that all 4 bulbs have the opposite color in the order of the bulb selection.

Hope this makes sense.

(Darren) #1664

Make sure you use rotate and not twinkle for starters.

I’m on a phone currently, but will check me config later, just make sure that you have a comma between the colour names, also if you could screen grab the light settings and the overall settings of the room and post, that would help us to assist further.

(the rooms manager guy) #1665

@elitef what @KellyDarren said … also from view all settings page set the switch for show only settings with value and share screen shots of the settings please.

(Richard Bryant) #1666

I’m noticing a bug that the smart apps doesn’t always turn off switches that were turned on by rule . My example

Rule 1. When Vacant set recessed lights to 20% over 1000LUX
Rule 2. When engaged set recessed lighting to 80% candle on over 1000LUX

Set turn off when no rule match
Set execute rule only on state change except for vacant.

What happens is when room goes vacant lights go to 20 % but candle stays on

If i disable the vacant rule or Lux is over 1000 candle will turn off else it stays on. Now that I write all of this I guess I can add turn off candle to the vacant rule but I would think it would go off

(Mark C) #1667

just starting with this do i need the

  • smartapps/bangali/rooms-vacation.src/rooms-vacation.groovy


(Darren) #1668

You need the child rooms. The vacation one is optional.