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(the rooms manager guy) #1629

update the rooms manager code … save and publish … then go to device check settings and try again please.

(the rooms manager guy) #1630

missed this one … no thats fine … nothing had changed for this app in 0.99.

(Rowan Godfrey) #1631

Hi Bangali,

Just updated adding in rooms child settings, getting errors for most of my rooms when I try to save them?

Thanks as always!

(the rooms manager guy) #1632

like in the last few minutes?

the errors should go away once you save all settings for rooms manager, rooms childs and rooms vacation.

(Rowan Godfrey) #1633

Yeah just now, I can try saving again in the morning?

(the rooms manager guy) #1634

just save each room settings, rooms manager settings and rooms vacation settings.

no need to change anything just save them.

(Rowan Godfrey) #1635

I can save a couple of rooms, but most error ‘unexpected error’ when I try to save?

(the rooms manager guy) #1636

anything in the IDE live logs when those error?

have you also saved rooms manager settings?

(Rowan Godfrey) #1637

Nothing in the logs. I have saved room manager settings. This is new though,

(the rooms manager guy) #1638

does the same room error every time on save? can you please refresh your IDE login?

you mean showing the version number?

(Richard Bryant) #1639

Doing a Device check is what I was doing when I discovered the issue. I get the error when trying to save Rooms Manager main settings page. I’ve updated to the code that was just published but get the same messages

I saved the rooms and then when trying to save out I get the error

And log of line 712 now. Same message different line.

c1755d3a-7a99-4053-8b3b-965336e29e0d 4:39:30 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_app_0c3cce081528867295c93124e3684b6c7eb42f3f7589f60da6d789d2992d208b.getChildRoomOccupancyDeviceC() is applicable for argument types: () values:
Possible solutions: getChildRoomOccupancyDevice() @line 712 (getChildRoomOccupancyDeviceObjects

(the rooms manager guy) #1640

@Bryantrichar just to confirm you have also updated the rooms child app code to the latest?

(Rowan Godfrey) #1641

Yeah the same rooms do error consistently. Yep I meant showing the version number, I figure that’s ok but just to check. Am re looking at the logs now.

(Rowan Godfrey) #1642

Yes child’s app updated :slight_smile:

(the rooms manager guy) #1643

sorry that one was for @Bryantrichar :slight_smile:

anything in the logs on saving the room?

(Rowan Godfrey) #1644

Here we go!

(Richard Bryant) #1645

My Bad. Forgot to publish, it was still in edit mode. I’m good now.

(the rooms manager guy) #1646

update the rooms manager code and try again please.

(Rowan Godfrey) #1647

What would I do without you Bangali! All good, many thanks.

(the rooms manager guy) #1648

and what would i do without you all! good to hear, you are welcome.