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(the rooms manager guy) #1529

If it’s getting engaged when closing either that’s a bug. It should be both. Will check and fix.

(the rooms manager guy) #1530

From view all settings select show only settings with value then share screen shot of the settings please

(Rowan Godfrey) #1531

(Rowan Godfrey) #1532

Done :slight_smile: oh and my Grow Light routine does not work at all, also odd.

(the rooms manager guy) #1533

In general settings is turn off all switches when no rules match - true or false?

(Richard Bryant) #1534

Correction… I typed my statement wrong. When I enter both of the sensors in the field. I can never engage the room. (Either or both together will Not engaged the room).

The desire is for an OR condition (Contact A or Contact B,C,etc. engages the room) I can code around it via webCoRE

(the rooms manager guy) #1535

either will not set the room to engaged. both will set the room to engaged when there is motion after both contacts are closed. so if you close both doors and there is no motion afterwards the room will only go to checking then vacant. the intent is to keep the room to going to engaged when the door are closed from outside of the room.

after closing both doors is there motion inside the room? and that is not causing the room to go to engaged?

also … would you mind describing the scenario a bit? whats the setup that closing either contact should set the room to engaged?

(Richard Bryant) #1536

Ahhh!!! Motion… It’s a conditional trigger with Motion, that’s what I was missing, can’t simulate motion sitting at the keyboard right?. … I’m good now.

Thanks for the enhancement on But no in these states? There is a little low level typo. You say states but you can only select one state. Was it supposed to be a multiple selection?

(the rooms manager guy) #1537

you can … add a virtual motion sensor and you can do motion from the keyboard. :slight_smile:

it should have been multi-select. if you update the rooms child code from github it will be multi-select.

(Rowan Godfrey) #1538

Was false, changed it to True. Doesn’t seem to change anything but let me play around again when I get home from work.

(the rooms manager guy) #1539

ok. i think i know whats going on.

you have the grow lights rule which includes the vacant state. when there is a rule with a vacant state the switches processing will not automatically turn off any switches. it assumes the user intent is to explicitly turn on and off switches so you would need to create rules for the vacant state as well to turn off switches. you could off do that.

but since you want those grow lights to always come on in any state … lets do this:

  • create a new virtual room for the grow lights only
  • recreate the 2 rules for the grow lights in this room
    – but dont include any state in these 2 rules
  • then disable the 2 rules for grow lights in the master bedroom rules

make sure that turn off all switches when no rules match is true in both room general settings. that should do it.

off course we could leave those combined in one room but that will make the rules more complicated. this keeps them separated and clean.

(Rowan Godfrey) #1540

Bangali, a superstar as always, let me try that. Out of curiosity, any way to delete rules rather than disabling? Purely for tidiness :grinning:

(Rowan Godfrey) #1541

Believe it or not it’s working this evening :see_no_evil: levels are funky, keeps flipping between 50% & 30% when you are in the room, but it goes off when it changes to Vacant.

I’m going to follow you suggestion anyway for the logic of it and hopefully that will tidy the issues up.

(the rooms manager guy) #1542

sorry not on ST. ST does not allow removing settings input by users so that makes it complicated.

may be clear out all the settings on the rule and save without disabling … does that work?

(the rooms manager guy) #1543

golden rule: if you want anything to work just keep an eye on it. :slight_smile:

(Rowan Godfrey) #1544

It does! Much better, thank you :slight_smile:

(Darren) #1545

@bangali - another day another release , but on the upside well done on getting V1 of the app out :slight_smile:

I just updated to the latest version, went into each room and saved but when I’m coming out of the rooms manager app on the Main Settings Page and click save it, keeps saying error saving page. I’ve looked at the live logging and nothing is showing up.

I went into the rooms manager smart app and looked at its logs and it told me it has updated moments ago.

Also i was previously trying to delete a room and it would fail with “An unexpected error occurred”, I just retired with the latest update and same problem, as above I can not see anything in the logs. Should I be able to delete a room without an issue?

(the rooms manager guy) #1546

thanks … almost there … need to finish up the vacation manager random replay. :slight_smile:

i have had this happen when ST is being difficult … no error in the logs but app screen shows red bar on save. normally if you click save a couple times afterwards it saves. also try after hard refresh of the logging page. sometimes errors are there in the log but ST will not show them if the login is stale.

yeah ST fails to delete the child device which in turn blocks the child app for the room being removed. from ST IDE go to devices list and remove the rooms occupancy device for that room then from rooms manager remove that room.

(Barry) #1547

@bangali -

Cool stuff, this is. It has come in really useful as I work to get Echo Speaks/SONOS to report spoken events only in the highest priority occupied room.

One ask - and I apologize if it has been asked and answered, but: is it possible to add support for an acceleration device as an indicator of a room being occupied. As in, if this rocking chair is moving, the room is occupied?

Use cases:

  • My wife is rocking in her chair, but the room’s motion sensor fails to recognize the motion
  • I am working at my desk in my fancy office chair, but the motion sensor fails to see me

Just a thought…

(Richard Bryant) #1548

I have a room where I cannot open the “Temparature Settings”. It just spins for second and returns to the same screen. Only on this one room though. How should I clear this issue?