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(the rooms manager guy) #1489

ehh … not a big deal … adding 15% and 25% as an option to that list is easy. :slight_smile:

i would do a toxicology analysis before eating that sandwich. :wink:

(Richard Bryant) #1490

Thanks and check your PayPal

(the rooms manager guy) #1491

sure thing. thank you for the generous donation. that is very kind of you. much appreciated. :smiley:

(Richard Bryant) #1492

Discovered an interesting issue, I’m wondering if it can be fixed.

Process execution rules only on state change = on/off

I have recessed lights in three rooms that I want to dim on @ LUX <= x and turn off @ LUX > x

If I have process execution rules only on state change = off and I brighten the room for a task, the rule will immediately reset it back to dim.

If I have process execution rules only on state change = on then the light stays dim after LUX > x and never executes the turn off portion of the rule

MY ask is, can this setting be moved to each state instead of globally for the room or an override in the individual state? in my case State=Vacant.

My goal is to have lights turn off on schedule even though the only on state change = on or maybe the rules run continually in certain states but only once in others. Make sense?

I created a test rule in Vacant with time = x to x+2 to test to get around LUX

(the rooms manager guy) #1493

got the issue … let me think about this a bit.

(the rooms manager guy) #1494

so for this vacation manager i have decided to make it its own child app instead of adding it to the rooms manager code. what this means is there will a third app you will need to install for this feature - rooms vacation.

it will be fully integrated with the rooms off course but i want to keep the code in its own source file. after cutting each of the source file sizes by 25% each didnt want to ramp those sizes back up again. :slight_smile:

probably going to release it this weekend so it can subscribe to and start collecting the rooms state date. with that out of the way will start work on actually getting the vacation replay code done.

Need a randomizer for vacation
(Richard Bryant) #1495

bangali, I’m noticing when having "…only on state change" set to on, rules don’t even run on state change consistently. I seem to be stuck using state change = off but them I’m locked into the lighting pattern that’s in the associated rule or having to lock the room.

(the rooms manager guy) #1496

ok. lets fix that then. are you able to reproduce the condition when it doesnt?

(Richard Bryant) #1497

Sorry brother, the problem disappeared. I hate that, must have been some rogue electrons.

I still have that original problem with the second half or rules not running when only on state change = on.

(the rooms manager guy) #1498

i love these. :grin:

you mean this one?

(Richard Bryant) #1499

yes, that’s the one

(the rooms manager guy) #1500

have a fix. but also needed to change time handler for different issue … so letting this run for a bit before putting up on github.

(Tony Fleisher) #1501

First, congrats on making it through the first year with rooms manager :slight_smile:

I have a use case that seems simple:
Announcement when window opens

The problem with current options:
1.If i set it with contact sensor (in engaged settings) all contacts have to be “outside”; I have a door too, and it isn’t outside, so have to pick
2. If I set it as window (in temp settings) I have to set a temp device and heat or cool switch

Potential solution: add ability to choose Window devices (contactSensorsRT) in room devices settings page

(the rooms manager guy) #1502

thank you. :slight_smile:

couldnt have made it thru the first year without users like you who have contributed to the cause in various ways. i have spent over a 1,000 hours building out this app. that means nothing unless users love and support the app and they have. thank you for the love and support everyone. from the bottom of my heart. means a lot.

its on my radar to add more speak support for various devices. planning to get thru vacation manager and moving the holiday lights code out of rooms child to its own app integrated with rooms manager off course. post that will start adding more speak support.

EDIT: or maybe finish vacation manager … do some speak … move holiday lights to its own app. :slight_smile:

(Rowan Godfrey) #1503


Another great use case. Just made a quick routine that runs in all modes to control my grow lights, will be interesting to see if it works!

On the heating function. I use a system called Tado, which I like as it uses geofencing to switch the heat on when for example I’m on my way home or if my parents come over when I’m not home. The only downside is I can’t add 3rd party temp sensors to increase room accuracy.

If I was to control each room through RoomsManager is there anyway to maintain the geofencing aspect? It would give me the ability to use any temperature sensor which I would like.

Thanks as always.

(the rooms manager guy) #1504

so in the rules for the room dont use any modes and in away mode settings dont set anything for that room that should do it - yes?

if these are connected to ST you can always specify them as room temperature sensors. does that not work?

do you mean like use the presence sensors to set the room to engaged and when these rooms are engaged turn on the heat? or something else?

(Rowan Godfrey) #1505

Hi Bangali,

I suppose what I want in simple terms is;

If [Mon-Fri] and [04.30-22.00] and [presence sensors are present] or [presence sensors are within X distance] heat all rooms to [temperature] based on [all temp sensors].

My house isn’t big enough to worry about heating individual rooms differently, if I’m at home I generally want all rooms at 19C.

I currently control my heating through the Tado proprietary app which doesn’t allow for additional temp sensors other than the proprietary Smart TRV’s which inevitably measure warmer than room temp due to their location.

This all sounds doable, maybe I’m overthinking things.

(the rooms manager guy) #1506

in other words mon-fri from 4:30-22:00 when mode is not away … heat the rooms to 19C?

do you have central heating or separate heater per room?

(Rowan Godfrey) #1507

Yep that would cover it. Central heating but with smart TRV’s on every radiator to allow accurate room control.

(the rooms manager guy) #1508

ok. just use room temperature settings and create a temperature rule with these params for each room?