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(the rooms manager guy) #1088

now that @MichaelS has announced it … check this out … :slight_smile:

(Micheal ) #1089

The GE dimmers DTH should be out next week…Thanks to @bangali for adding the code in to his great app!

(Nathan Curtis) #1090

You guys rock!

(the rooms manager guy) #1091

its users like you who make us rock! :slight_smile:

(Micheal ) #1092

Do you have any of the GE motions devices?

(Nathan Curtis) #1093

Sure do. One already installed and another going in next weekend

(Micheal ) #1094

May need to get you the DTHs


Is there a way to have someone check my setup to see if I am configured correctly in terms of Occupied, Engaged, and Vacant. Then one rule to have the lights turned off. Basically, what I am trying to do is to have the three states acknowledged. As for the rooms, I would prefer people in the household to turn the lights on and off manually, but automatically turn the lights off if people forget to turn them off. I have the various rooms setup, but I am not sure it the configuration is properly setup to accomplish my objectives.

(the rooms manager guy) #1096

i am happy to help. if you go to the view all settings page … set the flag to only show settings with value … take screenshot of the settings and share them here … i can take a look.


Geez you are fast…lol! I’ll get you that information in just a few minutes


Here you go (This is for the Boy’s Room): If I get this room setup correctly, I should be go to go on the other rooms

(the rooms manager guy) #1099

o its saturday morning … having a cup of joe and enjoying the game … so its all in your timing :slight_smile:

(the rooms manager guy) #1100

from a quick look the same switch is specified both in occupied and engaged switches setting. please remove the boys room light device from one of those settings.

then check please and share if all works right after that.


So it doesnt matter which one? (Engaged or Occupied)

(the rooms manager guy) #1102

well if you leave the light in occupied switches then it will set the room to occupied … so the motion timeout will be 300 seconds. if you leave the light in engaged switches then it will set the room to engaged … in which case the motion timeout will be 3600 seconds.

so kind of depends on which one you want to have happen when those lights turn on.


GOT IT! Ill let you know how it turns out.


Everything is working correctly…Thanks!

(Darren) #1105

@bangali, Been a while, I’m getting the impression your moving over to the Hubitat hub, if so how are you getting on?

I’m experiencing an issue that seems to come and go depending on the releases you make. It’s a simple light rule based on timings. Turn on Light 20 minutes after Sunset, turn off light 20 minutes before Sunrise. The light always goes on but doesn’t go off (I’ve just updated to your latest version, perhaps you fixed it). It was previously not working and then some update some months ago fixed it for a while and over the last few updates its broken again.

The logs indicate Rooms Manager sent on command to light, then at time the light is ment to go off, there is no more log entries. I don’t see any off command sent.

I do have some other Disabled rules for the room, but only the one enabled one. If there is anything for me to do on myself or to assist in troubleshooting, let me know.

Hope your team won whatever sport you were watching yesterday.

(the rooms manager guy) #1106

it has. good to hear from you.

yes bit by bit. its going well as things mature there. but i will be on ST as well for everyone that is using ST.

could you please update to the latest and confirm if its working or not? it not i will setup up a similar rule and check whats going on.

it was football … fifa world cup. since usa isnt in the game … i just root for the underdogs in every match. watching the finals right now … on dvr … so no one tell me who won please. rooting for croatia. :slight_smile:

(Darren) #1107

The winner is… In 17 minutes or in extra time :upside_down_face: