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UPDATE: updated to github with the following changes:

*  Version: 0.40.0
*   DONE:   6/1/2018
*   1) cleaned up the settings page for rooms manager.
*   2) updated rooms device settings to deal with ST change of json parser which broke settings.
*   3) for rooms device events added a little more descriptive text.
// TODO make time range display actual time range not just the time type.
*   4) overhauled the view all settings page which had fallen behind.
*   5) added link to help text on github in app.
*   6) added setting for how fast room changes to VACANT if currently ASLEEP and room contact sensor is left open.
*   7) added setting for optional time range to set room to ENGAGED, LOCKED or ASLEEP with power wattage.
*   8) for CHECKING state added a lux value above which light will not get turned on for CHECKING state.
*   9) seperated the setting for reset ENGAGED and reset ASLEEP wtihout transitioning through the CHECKING state.
*   10) added fix to handle time preference settings for hubitat which does not handle timezone correctly for these settings.
*   11) introduced motion active check for when room state is transitioning to CHECKING state.
*   12) cleaned up some small bugs here and there along with some code cleanup.


was going to put out a release today with device health tracking and support for issuing any device any command via rules … but bit tied up with work … will probably release wed/thu.



sorry folks running a little late. work, graduation and graduation parties are taking up all of my time this week.

will definitely post the update on sunday.

edit: should have been clear … not my graduation … my younger kids graduation. :slight_smile:

(Tony Fleisher) #1031

@bangali is it expected that engaged switch turning on will change room from both locked or asleep to engaged? Is there a way around this?


yes it is. let me think about if there is a clean way from an user perspective to disable this … but offhand not seeing it.

(Nathan Curtis) #1033

Funny I was just about to ask this same question… From a user perspective, I expected lock to disable all automation, so I wouldn’t expect the engaged switch to kick in…


stop ganging up guys. :slight_smile:

think i coded it with dedicated devices in mind. dealing with some issues with my other hub which has taken up available time. once thats resolved and i get the pending release out will take a look.

(Borristhecat) #1035

Hi @bangali I noticed something on the arrive depart message, its not important but when everyone leaves the message is still spoken even though no one is there to hear it. “If a tree falls down in a wood with no one there to hear it does it still make a sound” in this case yes :smile:

Also possible feature request but suspect it will be rather complicated :thinking:
For the people with more than one presence device (In the hope that one of them fires) I didn’t want to put all of them in the message because when they both work it would say the persons name twice. So for each person I only use one, but when the wrong one fires they don’t get welcomed home/ departed, is there a workaround for this?

Could put more than one device in a tile and that be OR linked to their name?


if everyone had left … how were you able to hear it? :wink:

easiest way might be if i remove duplicate names in the message. only thing is if you had a sr and jr you would have to include the sr and jr in their names so one of them dont get filtered.


UPDATE: updated to github with the following changes:

*  Version: 0.45.0
*   DONE:   6/12/2018
*   1) for hubitat only added support for executing any device any command to rules.
*   2) added option to reset ENGAGED if contact stays open but room was still engaged using another device like power.
*   3) added option for LOCKED to override other devices that trigger other states. this excludes buttons that activate another state because by pressing a button user is expressing explicit intent to switch to that state.
*   4) added option to view all settings page to show a non-anonymized version for user to view locally.
*   5) updated timer countdown to be more uniform. hopefully :-)
*   6) updated settings in rooms manager to be more uniform.
*   7) added device health check with option to notify via speaker and/or color. this checks if the device has communicated with the hub in X number of hours, where X is configured through settings.
*   8) for hubitat only added option to check additional devices for device health even if those devices are not used with rooms.

sorry for the delay with this update.


@TonyFleisher and @nathancu #3 :point_up_2:t3: should take care of no overrides with locked state.

(Borristhecat) #1039

That make sense but would need to ask others for their opinion on it

:grin: I was testing my presence piston and it fired :+1:

(Borristhecat) #1040

I updated to the latest but it broke the Sonos :neutral_face:

When it does the speech when it restores it just plays the message again rather than continue the music.



wait … what? dont think i touched the announcement code … checking …

which announcement?

(Borristhecat) #1042

Think it’s both arrive and depart but definitely the depart. They are grouped at the moment but it was working this morning.


checking … dont remember changing anything in spoken announcement.


were you on version 0.40 before this or on an older version?


(Borristhecat) #1045

I think I was on the latest, did you release 2 in quick succession?

The only new thing I did is selected the announcement in colour for device fail which was new in this release. Would that have changed anything?


at a BBQ will check once back at laptop :slight_smile:


checked the speaker message command it seems to be sending the right command:

playTextAndResume(What’s shakin Bhoot, Bhoot is in the house! Ooo oooo, 33)

could you please check the departure and arrival message with live logging and share the commands that are being sent to the speaker?