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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #948

There’s a couple of ways you can do this… a delay on and a delay off with pending cancel for both.

Or, you can do it the I do. I have my lights turn on via Smart Lighting… that way turning them on is done locally. I use Room Manager to turn them off. That way I never walk into a dark room, I’m ok if the lights stay on. You can do the same thing with a exhaust fan in the bathroom.


yeah that is my first thought as well … just need to figure out how long it should stay on under different conditions.

since i am moving stuff over to hubitat … everything runs locally … no delays and no walking in to dark roooms :slight_smile:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #950

let the user decide what the delay on and delay off are.

(Jane) #951

I have my basement family room setup using motion detection for occupancy, however I want to know how I can turn my hues lights to a different colour or dim and they will stay like that until the room is vacant. Right now every once in a while while we are sitting there they revert back to original state.


if rooms is setting the right color and level initially it’s probably not the cause. when this happens could you please check the recently tab for the lights in the ST app to confirm which app sent the command to revert back to the original state?

(jay yankacy) #953

Simple question here. Should I see a countdown timer for asleep and locked states?

(Jane) #954

The rooms is just turning the light on to 100% white. But we might turn it to 50% dimmed blue or somthing like that while we are watching TV. After a bit the lights will turn back on to 100% white. Like it has detected motion again and then it puts the lights on again.

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Bangali you are a beast! Will look forward to testing.


not for asleep and locked state. in asleep state there is a countdown if reset asleep setting is set. however the countdown is in hours so I don’t show that. I guess I could.

for locked state there is no countdown. while room is in locked state all automation is disabled.


ahh … got it. the app checks the room every 5 minutes and sets the lights based on the state and other conditions for the rules specified. so every 5 minutes its checking and finding the lights have changed and resetting them to the values from the rule.

there are a few ways to handle this. if you use harmony here is one way. you could use the harmony watch movie activity as the locked state switch in locked settings for the room.

another would be to create a virtual switch called movie mode. then set that switch as the switch for locked state in locked settings for the room. when watching moving turn on the switch and then turn it off when done watching the movie.

in both cases you can then change lights whatever way you wish and nothing will be reset any more from whatever light settings you temporarily change it to.

(Jane) #958

OK, I have a zwave plug that the TV is plug into. So if I put that plug into the Locked settings will it lock the settings so that if we change the lights while watching TV they will stay that way until the TV is turned off?


yes that will do it.

(Jane) #960

OK, I will try that! Thanks!

(jay yankacy) #961

It might make testing and troubleshooting easier. The positive feedback of the timer would let me know when something is going to happen and when to check back. This so many features, keep up the good work.


true. was trying to avoid using long running background timers. will take a look.

on features if you are getting started helpful if you start with the doc here:

(Jane) #963

This isn’t working because the TV plug is always “on”. Is there some way to have it measure the Watts used? The plug is always on but when the TV is on the Watts usage goes up. This is how I was using it in WebCore. But this is how the problem of turning the lights back on to original brightness was happening. Do I put in the Power Value to set room to ENGAGED state? And then set the same power level under Power stays below for how many seconds to reset ENGAGED state? If this is set, will it trigger set the room to VACANT if the power stays below the value set in the first question?

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Hi @bangali is there anyway to find out, in text what the last announcement message was if the logs pages wasn’t open? I thought I heard a mistake in the single/ multiple speech but couldn’t find it. I looked on the device page but couldn’t find anything useful but may have been looking in the wrong place.


On mobile now … will respond later today.


go to speaker device page … scroll down then click list events


yes there is. thats what the app does for engaged or asleep state when specified in the settings.

yes you could do that. then create or the update the rule for engaged state to turn lights blue and dim them. use 60 secs for the power stays below so when the tv power is below the threshold for engaged for 60 seconds the room will move to checking then vacant.

yes correct.

if you do this whenever the room is set to engaged it will change the light color to blue and dim them. which works if you are only setting the room to engaged using the power plug for the tv. but if you also have contact sensor on the room door(s) and use those contact sensors to set also set the room to engaged it will also change the light color to blue and dim them.

not sure if this last part is OK for you?

if it is not … here is what i was thinking:

  1. adding power as an option to locked settings the same way it is an option for the engaged and asleep states.
  2. adding power range as a condition (not a trigger) to the rules. so when room is engaged and power is outside of a certain range you could use the while color for the lights. and if the room is engaged and power is inside of a certain range you could use the blue color and dim the lights.

i think the 2nd option is more flexible and will take care of broader range of use cases including yours.

will wait to hear from you.