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(the rooms manager guy) #928

LOL … just dont back out on error. anyways you wont be able to make this error come back again … since i made 0 a valid hour :wink:


:joy: I sure hope not

(the rooms manager guy) #930

hey didnt think anybody would want midnight annoucements :slight_smile:


I live in a crazy household. More like a circus. People coming and going at all hours

(the rooms manager guy) #932

ha! my kids take turn alternately coming home at midnight and 3am every other day. always alternating. how they manage to coordinate their schedules to manage this is beyond me. cant seem to manage their schedules for anything else.


Same story on this end

(Borristhecat) #934

My messages have stopped playing and nothing is happening in the logs, anyone else having speaker issues?

(the rooms manager guy) #935

issue still going? any issues reported on ST forum?

(the rooms manager guy) #936

been keeping an eye on the speaker logs … seems to be sending the right text:

(the rooms manager guy) #937

UPDATE: updated to github with the following changes:

*  Version: 0.27.5
*   DONE:   5/2/2018
*   1) significant updates to documentation. latest on github:
*   2) turned down the delay between commands on hubitat
*   3) rooms can now be renamed which will also rename the device for the room.
*   4) updated text on input settings.
*   5) added button for occupied settings.
*   6) all buttons now flip between state for that button and if in that state already to checking state.
*   7) added push button support for hubitat dashboard.
*   8) swatted a bug here and a bug there.

(the rooms manager guy) #938

UPDATE: updated to github with the following changes:

note the breaking change below before updating

*  Version: 0.30.0
*   DONE:   5/5/2018
*   1) more doc update. latest on github:
*   2) added section at bottom of docs for non-obvious rules, will add more here.
*   3) added support for vents to be controlled with theromstat and room temperature.
*   4) optimized code a bit so can run switches on / off checker every 1 minute on hubitat and keep runtime under 1 second.
*   5) updated text and input settings for rooms manager. some of this is a BREAKING CHANGE and you will need to specify names and colors again.
*   6) updated settings page for rooms manager to be a bit more organized.
*   7) added color notification for battery devices specified in individual rooms settings.

(the rooms manager guy) #939

added supports for vents aka switches which are vents. it proportionately opens the vent when operating the thermostat through room temperature settings.

sorry it took a bit longer … got distracted by the badly needed docs update. :slight_smile:

(Borristhecat) #940

Still not working don’t know why it stopped. Think it was when I altered the time between from 8 till 22 to 08 till 22.

(the rooms manager guy) #941

have you already updated to the latest? if not please update and go in to rooms manager settings and update the settings because they have changed and give it a try.

if it still does not work after that … we will look at some logs and figure it out.

(Borristhecat) #942

I wasn’t, but I am now and that fixed it :grinning: thanks.

What was the issue?

(the rooms manager guy) #943

ahem … i may have had commented a line that i shouldnt have. :wink:

(Rowan Godfrey) #944

Hi Bangali.

Still loving Rooms Manager. It currently handles 100% of my admittedly very simple home automation. Plugging my phone into a smart socket to run sleep mode didn’t work, the phone didn’t draw enough power to register, but a cheap Xiaomi button works great.

One request - Motion during sleep mode to switch on night lights, I have 2 motion sensors in my Master Bedroom, one on the ceiling and one at ankle level. I have added the one at ankle level as the one on the ceiling detects too much night time movement.

Would it be possible to add an option to select which motion sensor to use to enact night lights? Current settings mean motion on either would do it.


(the rooms manager guy) #945

thats awesome to hear. :slight_smile:

sure totally possible. will take a look at it.

thanks for the idea.

(the rooms manager guy) #946

need a better way to handle exhaust fans in bathrooms … humidity alone is not enough … you know why :wink:

anyone have an idea on delayed off for an exhaust fan … kind of what logic might work?


(the rooms manager guy) #947

coded but not tested … in the next release … will leave for you to test :slight_smile: