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Sounds good…thanks


done. please try:

  1. clear all live logs
  2. wait a few seconds
  3. open rooms manager
  4. click next if error retry a couple more times
  5. share the live logs for rooms manager


edit: please update and publish the DTH and both smartapps not just rooms manager. thanks.


I did all that and ended up with the same results. Here is a screenshot of the logs


Here is an updated log


thank you. that should be it … looks like a typo on my part.

sorry not at laptop for now … will fix soon as back.


fixed directly on GitHub so please update rooms manager code and give it a try.


edit: this may not fix the error on next for you. will look at that more when back at laptop.


Just updated and tried again. Still no luck. I’ll be standing by for further instructions.


please update rooms manager app and try again.

since i cant reproduce the error dont know if the changes will fix it for you … if it does not will keep working on it.


Just updated….still no fix


any error in the logs? please share the logs only for rooms manager.


Here is the error logs


thanks. this is puzzling. you seem to have 8 rooms but the room device objects are null.

could you please clear the logs then follow these steps and share the log for rooms manager:

  • clear live logs
  • open ST app
  • open rooms manager app
  • click next on the top right corner
  • if error click next a couple more times
  • back out of the rooms manager app
  • share the logs for rooms manager



Here you go. I completed the items in that order


It was working fine until yesterday evening. I was in the process of setting up the arrival and departure greeting announcements when all of a sudden I started getting that error message.


ahh. between the time when you were editing the greetings and the error first happened did you update the app?

lets look at the app state for rooms manager: My Locations -> smartapps -> scroll down to rooms manager. then click on rooms manager and copy and paste the settings here or send me a direct message with it. might have to take a couple of screen shots to fit all of the state data.


I did not update anything during those times. Here is the info:


thanks. update rooms manager app code from github and try again please.


Just updated from repo on GitHub…still same error


ok. lets back track a bit to see if i am missing something.

so you were editing the greetings in the rooms manager settings … then what happened that led to the error?


Yes, I was selecting the speakers to be used and adding all of the & and &is information (for the announcements). I was interrupted by family on a few occasions, so I had to save and return to continue inputting the settings. Then one final time I tried to go back into to complete the setup, I got the error message. I did change the from/to hour from 7 to 7 from 12 to 12 if that makes any difference.