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(Eric) #868

Give me a sec. My daughter just got on my computer, lol

(the rooms manager guy) #869

no worries : -)

also may be try something else … in ST smartlighting app does harmony hub show in settings where you can select a list of devices to control?

(Eric) #870

Yes, it shows up under Smart Lighting.

Here’s from the IDE.

(the rooms manager guy) #871


looks like its using the switch capability. are you able to pick it as the which switch turns on? under engaged settings in the app for the room?

(Eric) #872

Oops, there it is. Like I said, I just installed this. :yum:

Time to explore your app a little more now…

(the rooms manager guy) #873

ok. may have to pick all of the harmony switches as engaged switches so if you switch from watch roku to watch movies it still sees one of the harmony switches as on.

(Nathan Curtis) #874

@bangali yes you are correct. This is how I set engaged for my living room and master bedroom. I put ALL relevant switches created by the harmony hub for its activities under the engaged settings for the appropriate room. So when I turn on a harmony activity, the corresponding virtual switch turns on and the room goes into engaged. You must put all the activity switches in the engaged settings else when you switch to another activity the room will drop to checking…

Works great.


Only announce between hours setting is throwing me off a little. Is this a time setting or 24 hour format or what?

(the rooms manager guy) #876

2 digit hour in 24 hour format. :slight_smile:


Great Thanks! For some reason, as I am trying to configure the Rooms Manager > Next, I get a Sorry, but there was an unexpected error message.

(the rooms manager guy) #878

are you on the latest version of the code?

keep the ST IDE open while trying it … is there any error in the log?


I am on the latest version. No error logs

(the rooms manager guy) #880

can you try clearing the logs … waiting a few seconds then open up the app and try clicking next a few times again on the rooms manager. sometimes the logs dont show up if live logging has been on for a while.


I did as per your request, and I got a lot of messages in the logs

(the rooms manager guy) #882

on the live logs screen click rooms manager right above the logs. it will filter the logs for just that app.

what are the log messages under rooms manager?

(the rooms manager guy) #883

up until a couple of minutes ago my live logging was not logging everything it should … could you please try this again please?

heres where to click to see the logs for just rooms manager:


Here is the log.

(the rooms manager guy) #885

thanks. this was while you were in rooms manager clicking the next link still getting the sorry but there was an unexpected error message but no other error messages in the logs?


That is correct

(the rooms manager guy) #887

that is frustrating. i am going to upload a new version to github in a bit and lets see if anything changes if you will please try with the new version.

i will update here after uploading to git.