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Thanks! I installed all 4. So it worked last night, but it seems like there is an inherent 10 minute timer that is invoked when power drops below the input value.

So I have mine set for 35 seconds after power is off. This 35 second timer started exactly 10 minutes after the power was shut off.

Either way this works fine! Thanks for the help

The room device implements buttons that probably could be used for this if SmartThings let you specify button number in the automation trigger… You can use this with smart lighting or routines, but not “automation” (in the v3 app), for some reason.


Which is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. :wink: All fun aside, we’re all coming up with hacks to work around what should just be there. I can think of plenty of reasons to have an official multi state generic device that could be used in automations.

I discovered how horrible the room objects devices present themselves in NewApp (no fault of yours @bangali, you’re doing a stellar job) as I’m trying reeeeally hard to embrace NewApp and move off classic thus how I came across the method to work around this above. This issue and my thermostat not working with WebCoRE are my personal two remaining items keeping me out of newapp 100%. But I’ll stop hijacking the RM thread for a soapbox :slight_smile:

good to hear it’s mostly working. let’s take care of the rest … couple of things:

  1. aside from the 4 apps do you also have the device handler installed?
  2. please share the view all settings for the room.

Yes, I have the DTH. I have added a motion sensor, lights and fan to the room so hopefully it doesn’t confuse everything lol.

Another very simple question… I have setup Action Tiles for my wife. She sometimes wants to override my “Engaged” settings with lights or fans. Is this possible? I notice the lights go back to the engaged settings a few minutes after she changes a specific light on Action Tiles.


see answer #2 here:

thanks for the settings let me try with a room tomorrow. meanwhile lets try one thing in checking settings set the value of dim timer to 10 seconds then save and please see if that makes a difference.

Thanks! I’ll have to play with the locked stages with some pistons and virtual switches.

I changed the checking dim time to 10 seconds and still no change. Still has this unknown 10 minute reset timer when TV power goes off.


at 10:43 power went to zero then at 10:47 the fan was turned off. was the fan manually turned off or did the rooms app turn it off?

The fan actually turned off since we drove away, so presence left.

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in engaged settings is there a value for timeout?

if not could you please set it to some number of seconds and try it again.

The only spot I see for “timeout” in “engaged” is at the end of the page and it says “Require motion within how many seconds when room is ENGAGED?”

Is this where you would want me to put a number? This then requires motion or it changes the room to VACANT, even if the TV is on. I can give it a whirl though!

I do have the setting of 35 seconds for “Power stays below for how many seconds to reset ENGAGED?” setting.

yes please put in a value there save it and check if that makes a difference.

@nathancu try as I might while removing the room is failing from the rooms manager app I cant get any error to show in the logs. I have seen this some live logs not showing issue before when @TonyFleisher helped me debug an issue. but not sure why this happens.

not sure where to go on this one.

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No worries. Might be aan artifact from code upgrades. I deleted and recreated the room the hard way in the IDE and I’m back in business.

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btw, if you delete the child room occupancy device from the IDE after that you should be able to delete the room itself in the app :wink:

The IDE is having its own issues lately I can’t add/delete anything in devices without being in an ‘in private’ browser session first… While I was there it wS easier to go ahead and kill the child smartapp too.

yeah that works too.

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updated to github a few days ago but forgot to update the forum with the following changes:

Version: 1.0.1

DONE:   01/12/2020
1) added option for all motion and acceleration to be simultaneously active to trigger engaged or occupied from vacant
2) removed option for twinkle under holiday light settings
3) fix for run every 5 minutes subscription
4) added option for setting locked state with mode
5) fix for cooling and heating not triggering when both are set in the same room
6) bug fixes and optimizations

@jburke3298 #4 should work for locked with mode change.
@Sddabrow1 give #1 a shot please.

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The wife has banned me from lighting automation for the time being … I’ll be back when the ban is lifted!

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have action tiles set the room to locked wherever there is a change initiated from action tiles?