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i have updated the top post with a new set of documentation for the app. still a few things to add but hopefully its useful as it is now. thanks for pointing that out.

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I’m going to install this right now, but my initial question is this: Is there a way to get this to, say, monitor whether or not my TV is on? I have a Harmony Hub, so I’m wondering if it can recognize that status so lights don’t turn off while I’m watching TV.

[Edit] I see there’s a presence setting for a music player. Can a Harmony Hub be added as well?

i dont use a harmony hub so a couple of questions:

  • does harmony hub show up as a device in ST?
    – if yes, which device handler?
    – if no, does it use a smartapp to integrate with ST?
    – -- if yes, which smartapp?


Yes to all. [Edit] I don’t think it requires the app to integrate. I linked ST to my Logitech account.

This from the app.

ok. is the device driver built in to ST or uses device driver code available on github?

trying to find what capabilities the harmony device supports … that way should be able to add it as an option in engaged settings.


It’s under Smartapps -> More

I installed it long before ever finding out about GitHub. (I’m still kind of a newbie to all this)

[Edit] Oops, this is for triggers. It must have been easy to install, though, because I probably wouldn’t have been able to figure out GitHub at the time. Maybe I did it as a Discovery? I’ll look up the directions.

[Edit] This thread has the installation directions:

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let me dig a bit and see what capabilities it supports.

are you comfortable with going to the IDE then clicking on the harmony device then clicking on the list events towards the bottom of the page and sharing screen snapshot of the events shown there? if not i will continue to dig to find the information.


Give me a sec. My daughter just got on my computer, lol

no worries : -)

also may be try something else … in ST smartlighting app does harmony hub show in settings where you can select a list of devices to control?

Yes, it shows up under Smart Lighting.

Here’s from the IDE.

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looks like its using the switch capability. are you able to pick it as the which switch turns on? under engaged settings in the app for the room?

Oops, there it is. Like I said, I just installed this. :yum:

Time to explore your app a little more now…

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ok. may have to pick all of the harmony switches as engaged switches so if you switch from watch roku to watch movies it still sees one of the harmony switches as on.

@bangali yes you are correct. This is how I set engaged for my living room and master bedroom. I put ALL relevant switches created by the harmony hub for its activities under the engaged settings for the appropriate room. So when I turn on a harmony activity, the corresponding virtual switch turns on and the room goes into engaged. You must put all the activity switches in the engaged settings else when you switch to another activity the room will drop to checking…

Works great.


Only announce between hours setting is throwing me off a little. Is this a time setting or 24 hour format or what?

2 digit hour in 24 hour format. :slight_smile:

Great Thanks! For some reason, as I am trying to configure the Rooms Manager > Next, I get a Sorry, but there was an unexpected error message.

are you on the latest version of the code?

keep the ST IDE open while trying it … is there any error in the log?

I am on the latest version. No error logs

can you try clearing the logs … waiting a few seconds then open up the app and try clicking next a few times again on the rooms manager. sometimes the logs dont show up if live logging has been on for a while.