Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized home automation with Occupancy

UPDATE: updated to github with the following changes:

*  Version: 0.15.2
*   DONE:   3/5/2018
*   1) added support for icon URL setting for icon to display for each room.
*  Version: 0.15.0
*   DONE:   3/2/2018
*   1) added icons to main settings page for room.
*  Version: 0.14.6
*   DONE:   2/28/2018
*   1) added support for humidity sensor in rules.
*   2) added contact stays open notification.
*  Version: 0.14.4
*   DONE:   2/26/2018
*   1) added support for battery check and annoucement on low battery.
*  Version: 0.14.2
*   DONE:   2/25/2018
*   1) added setting for annoucement volume.
*   2) added support for outside door open/close announcement.
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heres a partial view of room settings with icons. btw the icon for the room displayed by the room name is user customizable :slight_smile:


@bangali, hi.

  1. Now i can setup my bedroom ceiling fan turn on at xx% ( level 33 is LOW ) in Occupied, Engaged state.
    But I don’t know how to setup : fan only turn on when temperature in the room above 72 degree and turn off if temperature is equal or below 72 degree.
  2. Could you add LANNouncer in the Other Devices , I don’t have SONOS speaker.
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not ignoring you … i need to add fan support … will update in a day or two. :slight_smile:

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which DTH are you using with the fan?


@bangali , hi .

  • I use DTH from ChadCK :
    Z-Wave Smart Fan Control Custom Device Type
  • I use the Smartapps : 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat From Dalec
    [RELEASE] 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat
    With this apps I can not set the time , fan turn on but nobody in the room. If I set up with motion device, when I sleep , no motion , the fan not turn on. And don’t have a timer ( fan still run 2, 3 hours after the bed room light turn off ).


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thanks. so a dimmer switch with 3 level settings … when the level is set to 33% it turns on at low etc.

i will try it on dimmer switch but since i dont actually have a fan will need you to please confirm it works ok with the fan. i will get this coded and share for you to try.


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Hi @bangali

Do you ever put your feet up to rest :slight_smile:

I see in some previous post your were drinking Guinness, come to Ireland this weekend, and fill up :slight_smile:

Question for you if you don’t mind. I’m using your Holiday Lights Piston and I set up another date range to change my outdoor light for St Patricks weekend. When i run test on the piston directly in webcore, off it runs and the lights turn on and change perfectly ie piston is working as it should

Normally i run my outdoor lights via Rooms Manager. I don’t use any of the room states in this instance, I just have two simple rules and On and Off. Turn on lights between sunset and sunrise. Turn lights off from sunrise to sunset.

I’ve change the turn on rule from turning on the lights directly (which i removed) to now call the Holiday Piston (which will turn on the lights via the piston), however it doesn’t activate the lights for me.

Am I missing something?


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hi @KellyDarren

yeah thats when i code the rooms stuff :wink:

not much of a beer drinker but when i do Guinness is my only go to. :slight_smile: man i so wish i could … this is the weekend to be there … one day :shamrock:

yeah thats perfect. you only need 1 rule with time from and to and light to turn on. it will turn on the light at the from time and turn it off at the to time. thats what i do for my outdoor lights.

hmm … can you please check in webcore from the piston stats is the piston getting executed or the piston is not even getting executed. any error in the IDE logs when the piston is supposed to be called?


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feet up to rest = …code the room stuff , excellent… :slight_smile:

There is never any shortage of Guinness in Ireland and tomorrow it flows as regular and with as much force as tap water. It took us a while to get there, but now we make the entire weekend am Irish heritage festival, with different activities across the country, for kids, adults and even the family…on occasions, we do leave the pub :slight_smile: If anyone is interested, check it out here St Patricks Weekend Ireland 2018

Tell you what, I’ll make sure I buy a pint of the black stuff in your name…unfortunately for you, I’ll have to enjoy it in your name too :slight_smile:, I’ll let you know how I get on LMAO.

I removed the Off rule and the Piston kicked off as expected. I guess I had a conflict in my timings, now I have my lights flashing the Irish flag :ireland: colours :slight_smile:

Again, many thanks…and I’m already looking forward to having your Guinness …

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good for you guys. i have been fortunate to have guinness in ireland but never during st patricks day. one day. :shamrock:


woo … hoo!

you are welcome … enjoy!!!

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while i have a bunch of small changes to release including some compatibility changes. no point in testing or releasing stuff in a week where there have been ST platform issues almost back to back.

so i am going to hold off till next weekend … hoping the platform issues have stabilized before then.



btw … rooms manager now supports a version of holiday lights … like AL there is now a HL option:

when HL is specified as the level on the rule … for lights in the rule it will run through the colors specified every number of seconds specified. with ST i didnt want to do fading also. but if the hub had all local processing adding color fade would be easy. :wink:

only a handful of colors are supported for now. i didnt make it a multi-choice list because that does not allow the ordering of colors.

EDIT: to be clear i am not releasing the code till next weekend … see previous post … but it is there now.

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just one color string didnt seem right given all the holidays you all like to celebrate with lights and colors :slight_smile:

on a related note this is not quite obvious but the date filter allows filtering out for day and month only as well as smart filtering on date ranges from current year - to next year for say xmas lights.

Based on the recommendation of another user, I found my way to Rooms Manager app.

I’m having some difficultly with it and I imagine it is just because I don’t completely understand the nomenclature.

My goal was simple.
In my Garage, I have fluorescent lights. They get left on all the time so I installed a GE 26931 Motion On/Off paddle switch. Because firing the balasts on and off all the time isn’t good, I didn’t want to use auto on and short timers.
I’m trying to set it up so when we enter the garage, nothing happens until the ON button is pushed. When the ON button is pushed, I’d like it to go into ENGAGED mode. Than I would like the activity monitored, If after 15 minutes of no activity, or the switch button is pushed to off, go to VACANT mode.

I see the options for “Button Pushed” and an action, but I feel like this is more of a representation of a “state” rather than a physical button push. I can’t see that a button number is being recorded but rather changes of state appear to represent the button numbers.

Any advice on how to set up my routine?
Also, is it possible by some means to have the lights just remain on until turned off, like pressing the ON button twice?

I like how you put in the welcome home speach option based on the webCore piston you created for me? I like it that it’s in the app but would the Random( ) string work in the message space, that I used in my piston? I like have a truly random different sentence happen every time we depart and arrive

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its this switch? doesnt this automatically turn on with motion? or do you have to push the button to turn it on?

in any case in engaged settings set this switch as the engaged switch and the motion timeout to 900 seconds. that should do it.

since not all devices have double support … do you know if this switch has double tap support?

one option here is get one of the xiaomi buttons usually like $10 … set this button up as locked button so on first tap it goes to locked and on next tap it goes to checking then vacant.

set welcome home and left home strings in this format:

before text 1 & after text 1, before text 2 & after text 2, before text 3 & after text 3, before text 4 & after text 4, before text 5 & after text 5 ...

and a random string will be used every time.

guess i forgot to update the text for those fields to reflect that random() is already built in :wink:

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Yes, that’s the switch. It’s has a Vacancy mode but ultimately I hoped that I could leave it for a short motion detection window, and use a trigger to over ride the tube out setting when I’m working in the back of the garage or of detection range.

What is the “engaged” setting? I don’t recall seeing that.

How about the button push settings? How are they used? are the buttons on the switch recorded as an event?