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(the rooms manager guy) #1879

btw … why the virtual thermostat? if its a ST connected heater couldnt you use it directly with rooms?


(Ulf Thomas) #1880

Good question indeed.

Room Manager is a new setup for me and before trying it out all rooms (with heaters) are connected via thermostats that can be manipulated as a group when at home or not, as well as during the days and nights. I need to have some sort of control over the heating even if they are controlled by RM and for me that route is thermostats.


(the rooms manager guy) #1881

understood. but what’s going to happen is if some of these thermostats are managed with rooms and there is manual control of the same thermostats its not likely to work well because rooms will end up overriding the manual settings.

have you considered that already?


(Ulf Thomas) #1882

Hmm… Good point indeed. No I haven’t taken this into account.

Then we have a bit of a conflict, as I would like to have some control of the temperature.


(Steven) #1883

So reading this it sounds like this is what I’m after but unsure. I want a motion sensor to only go off if there is movement longer than x amount of time. As said room is also a walkway into another room. So when I go into the other room I don’t want the light coming on. Only want it on when I’m in the room using it.

Is this for me and info I’m taking it be easier to set up


(the rooms manager guy) #1884

the light is set to come on when motion gets triggered. so as you walk thru the room motion sensor will get triggered and lights will come on. but you have the option of turning off the light if there is subsequent motion in the room. so you could set the timeout to something as short as 10 seconds after motion for the lights to turn off.


(Steven) #1885

Ok so I think I’m a bit confused and unsure what I’m doing. So I have installed it but I can understand what I am doing to be honest and how to set it up so that the sensor only activates the light if moment longer than 10 seconds w


(Toby Field) #1886


I have been using Rooms Manager for over a year now and have found it very useful. One of my setups is a kitchen night light that when a motion event occurs between a certain time period, the two Yeelight LED strips in the kitchen come on at 20% brightness. This worked fine when the connection to the Yeelight LED strips was via the Domocitz home automation server (I know over kill for two lights but it worked). Recently I got the mi-connector smart app working and now I can control the Yeelight LED strips from that and I find the control is much better. I have tested the lights in SmartThings and Webcore with no issues controlling them. My issue is when I add the lights to Room Manager, they fail to turn on and I presume they would fail to turn off via the Rooms Manager smart app. Any recommendations on how I can troubleshoot why these particular lights are not responding to the Rooms Manager setup. As a quick test, I added another light to my Kitchen Night Light room and when the motion event occurs it turns on without issue but the 2 Yeelights do not.

Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated.


Toby Field


(Glen King) #1887

Perhaps you would want to not depend on Rooms Manager for that particular automation? I like that app a lot, but I see it more as a ‘state’ indicator than as a trigger of actions.

My kitchen is being rebuilt right now. I’m integrating Hue light strips under the counters, along with Hue color bulbs in high hat fixtures.

The automation I’m imagining will likely be in Webcore. Any time between, say, 10p and 6a, if the hallway motion sensor senses motion it will put the kitchen into “nightlight” mode for five minutes. That would likely be dim setting of the two high hats on the sink/fridge side of the room. If the dining room/kitchen motion sensor then picks up motion between those hours, it would shift the room into “midnight snack” mode - which would make the under-counter light strips come on bright enough to make a sandwich or something.


(Toby Field) #1888

Thank you Glen. You are right there are easier ways to do this. I just found it strange that this two devices in particular no longer worked in the Rooms Manager SmartApp when connected via the mi-connector but did work when connected via the Domocitz server method. I am not going to spend much more time on it, I just don’t like unsolved mysteries.

Thanks again for the feedback and good luck with the kitchen remodel!!




(the rooms manager guy) #1889

you wont be able to set motion trigger if the motion is longer than 10 seconds. what i was suggesting is setting a short timeout of 10 seconds in occupied settings so lights turn off quickly after last motion instead of staying on for an extended period of time.


(the rooms manager guy) #1890

if a device should normally turn on and does not it generally means some error is happening that is not shown in the ST app but will be visible in ST live logging.

so go to ST IDE -> live logging. then trigger motion so that those 2 yeelights should turn. keep an eye on the logs and see if there is an error reported in the logs. please share any errors logged … lets see whats going on.


(the rooms manager guy) #1891

this can be done with 2 rules … 1 rule in the hallway room and another rule in the dining room / kitchen room. pretty easy.

i have worked extensively with webcore and use it daily for some of my more complicated automations… something simple like this is easier in rooms manager. :slight_smile:


(Toby Field) #1892


Well, a bit of an update. I did run the test but it was on a newly created room (as I had deleted the original room). The interesting thing is the while triggering motion from the motion sensor, all I was getting in the IDE logging for the Yeelights was the brightness level being set. The power on or off was missing.

I decided to try making a change to remove the brightness setting and just have an on/off action occur. It is at this point that I finally read the warning/notification on the main page of the smartapp to name the room first and then save it and then begin to edit/modify the settings. I was not doing that previously. So this time around I followed the instructions and the Yeelights are now correctly turning on and off from the motion events. Sorry for the confusion; I should have read the instructions but I am one of those people that skips the manual and tries to figure stuff out on the fly!

Thanks again for the feedback.



(Nathan Curtis) #1893

@bangali having a bit of trouble with the latest update…

So far in two of the rooms, the ros are not showing or responding to configured settings. In one room. The Office it’s not showing the proper state of the room contact sensor or responding to motion. In another its not responding to or properly showing the state of my asleep switches and it is not responding properly.

I’m not seeing any error in the logs and I’ve gone through both rooms and re-saved them… How do you want to start. Pick one room?


(Tony Fleisher) #1894

I have seen similar issues, but it has been sporadic and i haven’t had time to look into it too much. I did noticed a few logs about execution taking too long that i figured might be cloud issues.

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(Nathan Curtis) #1895

Mine started immediately after moving to the latest rooms code and has consistent behavior… Unfortunately.


(Stacy Butera) #1896

My apologies @bangali for not replying sooner, I did update the rooms child app back in January and I still see the same. I have the code synced with the repo so I am able to pull down when an update is there. Generally works well, just cannot do anything to change those “asleep” settings, Unless I delete and start over.


(Magnus Bergsson) #1897


How do I uninstall Rooms Manager? Getting an error both in the classic app and IDE when trying to remove this smartapp - says one or more user has it installed.

It´s not that I don´t like the app, I simply need to clean up my setup to figure out a problem I am having so I am in the process of stripping down so I can isolate the problem.



Is it possible to use the DTH without any of the logic for switching states? I love having a single dashboard for all the devices in a room and I love the different states, but I’d like to work on my own logic for controlling occupied vs. vacant in webCoRE and I don’t want the built-in logic to get in the way.