Rooms and Groups disappeared from the App and IDE !?

When I opened the app from the phone, the Rooms were all gone.
I went to IDE and can see the Things associate with the Rooms but showing None at the “My Location”; got an error when I clicked on the create Group.

Me too …

Same sort of data loss we are seeing with the Application State of Rule SmartApps. Corrupted database, losing data left and right.


Some of my rooms in the app say something like couldn’t find. Others are there though. I thought it was me.

Hey @slagle. Same issue as Application State vanishing for a SmartApp?

I had this “Room disappearance” earlier and closed the app, cleared cache, force stopped, (this is Android obviously) and when I launched the app, all was well again. Last night I had a presence sensor (SmartThings sensor) show present, until I clicked on the family tab and that member of my family showed not present. Under Things, to the right it showed present. Very confusing stuff. Its as if different screens in the app get the data from different places?!?

That did not work for me on 2 Droid devices,

Now - creating a new room - but can not add any “things” to it. I think it’s warning me that all my devices will be going .

From support:
…Our teams are currently investigating an incident that is affecting users’ ability to create, delete, and modify rooms. We are working to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible…

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all my rooms disappeared yesterday morning for about 2 minutes that I noticed, once sometime 7am-9am EDT. Refreshed a couple times and the rooms re-appeared.