RoomMe now shipping (2020)

I don’t use presence sensors with SmartThings since current options don’t really work well for my needs. I’d like to know the occupancy by room/person and this new product looks interesting:

To do the same that I’ve done with motion sensors, I would need almost $500 in sensors. And then it only works if I have my smartphone in my pocket? Not a viable occupancy system, IMHO.


No doubt that the sensors are pricey…so pricey that I might not use. I simply posted to let folks know of a new option. However, motion sensors won’t identify which room each person is in and only tell you if someone or something is moving in a room. It’s a different concept but a pricey one. For example, if I like the Den Lights at 75% but my wife likes the Den Lights at 100% then motion sensors won’t help that with that scenerio. And yes, it does depend on Bluetooth proximity so users need to be aware of that.

That device has been discussed in the forums before, first in 2017 when they launched their indiegogo campaign. :sunglasses:

See the existing thread (The topic title is a clickable link)

As I said two years ago, they do have a patent which is interesting. I agree that they seem expensive in terms of the actual value being delivered, plus, as @Ryan780 said, The requirement that each participant carry a phone with them. So interesting technology, but I’m not signing up to buy one.

Occupancy by room/person is usually called “microlocation.“ There are some people in the community who have done projects like that, typically based on IBeacons, but sometimes just a combination of sensors. Almost all of the ones actually deployed, though, work best if only one person lives in the house. When you want to start figuring out whether it’s John or Mary, that’s when things get complicated except with IBeacons.

Anyway, if you’d like to see what some other people in the community have done, go to the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look down near the bottom of the page for the “project report“ section, choose the presence list, and then look for the ones tagged “microlocation.” :sunglasses: