Rookie General Questions

Just getting going have few random questions:

I installed the app on my phone and wife’s, she will just be using for switches. If I do all the programming does it automatically sync to all users?

Can the ecobee3 sensors be used as motion sensors for triggering lights or better using a different motion sensor?

Are the “smartthings” branded apps best to use or the community apps give more function? Know kinda vauge but wondering which ones to use. Or can rule machine pretty much do it all?

Haven’t looked at smartiles yet but once I get door window sensors setup and do self monitoring alarm is there a “digital keypad” for disarm?

Think all questions now. Next big thing deciding if I want to keep these 15 smart bulbs or return for switches hmm


No, the lag is too great with the ecobee.

Depends upon what you want and if you can code. Advantages to both. Most of mine are custom. And yes, RM can do a lot.

Seems spotty. Some people have success.

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Welcome to the Community!

Locking a portion of SmartTiles (such a SHM disarm or a Virtual Switch to indicate the same to Rule Machine) with a PIN is an often asked feature request. We’re definitely considering adding it.

Rule Machine can do pretty much everything and supports much more complex logic than the native apps.

There are a few reasons why a native app might be preferred for some specific situations:

  1. only the native apps are eligible to run locally at the present time. And only a few of those, basically smart lighting and some parts of smart home monitor. If your Internet connection is spotty, you might get some advantages out of running some automations locally.

Two) I believe only the native apps are eligible to run with the scout monitoring service.

  1. only a native routine can be used with the official smart watch app. @jcarrano noted below that a routine coming on can be used as a trigger for rule machine, but you would still need the routine as well.

  2. Smartthings support will not help you if something goes wrong with rule machine, they will just refer you to the forums. That’s true even if the problem is a platform problem which would affect a native app as well.

  3. if it’s a very simple use case, it may just be easier to set it up very quickly as routine. But that’s in part a matter of personal preference.

So it’s just a case-by-case decision. But most people who use rule machine really like it.:sunglasses:

The interface to Scout is only via SHM, and there is no official Community SmartApp API for / into /outfrom SHM (ie. SHM is proprietary and closed – probably to protect the related ongoing SmartThings revenue opportunities like monitoring partnerships).

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To simplify, Rule Machine can be triggered by a routine directly, using Trigger or Conditional Trigger. You can skip the virtual switch for this.


Thanks, I’ve made the correction above. :sunglasses: