Roku new streaming players (September 2018)

(jkp) #1

and Roku will soon let you control its devices and Roku TVs with Google Assistant. Expected to ship 10/07/18

(Kirk Hilzinger) #2

I wish they had a few more wired options…not that my wireless is a problem. I just prefer streaming over wired connections.

(Alex) #3

I stick to Roku Ultra (no pun intended) and use the Ethernet port for reliability. Even though it is not needed, I wish the port were 1000 Mbit rather than 100 Mbit. It is one of the few devices I have that would get more bandwidth via wifi than wired. Again, I am quite sure there is no benefit for the extra bandwidth so my desire is mere geekiness.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #4

Agreed! The price point on 1GB NICs has come down so much, they are very hard to find on workstations/laptops, anymore. At home, I have over 200MB/s download (recently clocked at 215MB/s down) and I have a 1GB switch, meaning I can give 1GB to any device that needs it. If I start building me a Plex server (which will probably happen soon), I fully plan on ripping all my BluRay to it and having that bandwidth would mean instant on as far as picking movies…but, I think that is for another forum.