Rock solid cloud experience

Kudos to SmartThings team for delivering an exceptionally reliable cloud infrastructure. For over a year now, I have been using one (of many) Classic routines that locks the home when I leave and sends a text that it did it. Uses two locks and a phone for presence. I come and go at least twice a day and it has not missed a beat since installed. This is cloud done right!


I’m really happy that it’s working for you, but given that there have been multiple official notices of outages and glitches over the last year, with at least one per month, it’s not a rocksolid cloud infrastructure.

But lucky is good. :wink:


Lucky twice a day. I should be buying lottery tickets more often -:slight_smile:

I guess my experience just proves that outages can be isolated and that not all outages are equal. Obviously there have been outrages related to mobile app or some automations, but those may not reflect a wide spread cloud outage, like Ecobee has been having recently, for example.


And there you are. :wink:

I have an ecobee and we like it very much and I am home almost all the time, but I was completely unaware of the outage problems they’ve been having this summer because we only use it to control the winter heating. I haven’t opened their app since April And would not be likely to open it again until September.

Like they say, all Home Automation is local. :wink:

(I don’t use that phrase much anymore because of the various different meanings of local, but I assume the people who’ve already posted in this thread will know what I mean.)


Local indeed, for problems and processing, but sometimes our heads get stuck in the cloud.