Robot vacuum?

Hands up, who has one that works with SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home or your phone?

I’ve never really seen the point in them, until we got a dog last week… now I’m having to hoover every day, not because of hair but just crumbs, fluff and general mess.

I’m not looking to spend a fortune on one, but would like something that works with little input from me. Not bothered too much about barriers etc

Any suggestions,I’m leaning towards the Neatmo D3 so far

I hear the new xiaomi vacuum for 350 is better than the roomba for 900. Worth looking into.

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I have an issue with most of these robot vacuums, and most reviews echo that.

They can’t get into corners etc properly because they’re round. I don’t think it’s available in the UK either

I have a Neato botvac (not round) and love it. Does an amazing job. Will never go back


It looks like there is a DTH for ThinkingCleaner which is a wifi addon for Roomba 500 and 600 series models.

It’s pretty simple to add on, just pop off the top plate of the Roomba and replace it with the ThinkingCleaner one. The wifi module is built in.

It’s only for those two models and it doesn’t look like they produce them anymore (was a semi-successful Kickstarter thing). I have one which I used in the past with my Vera but ended up swapping out my Roomba and never put it back on. With the app you could do things like drive it around and make it chime when you lost it under couches.

If anyone is interested in it, PM me. I’d be willing to sell it or trade for something if we can work out a deal.

BTW, we LOVE our Roomba. Even without a shedding dog (we have a Poodle that has hair instead of fur… does not shed) you would be AMAZED at how much dirt and dust this thing picks up every day. If it ever died my wife would run out immediately and purchase a new one. That is after she finished crying and held a funeral for the old one!

They don’t make the addon anymore. Still looks like the Neatmo is the best so far.

Anyone know is it integrates with ST?

We have a baby, a dog, two cats, and grandparents in and out on a regular basis. Between two roombas cleaning each night, I’m very happy with our floors. That said, I’ve seen over the last year that automation of vacuums could easily be a disaster. It only takes one pile of dog puke or indoor accident to ruin your day… Fortunately, we run ours “manually” and have avoided these potential “carpet-crises.” If you just got a dog, I suggest getting a robot vacuum based on it’s performance and not the smart home integration.

Our dog is crate trained. So not much chance of poopocalypse happening :slight_smile:

@ghesp – as they all should be! But accidents still happen, cats yak fur balls, babies throw oatmeal in unexpected directions… Yeah, it’s a mess. That’s why I love our Roombas!

Bit of a self plug as it’s developed by myself but there is a Neato integration available on this community. No add on required. Only Neato D3, D5 and Connected models though.


It’s brutal… so brutal.

This conversation reminds me of this

I’m a big robot vacuum fan and firmly believe there’s not one product superior to all others for all homes. Each home is different and suited for different capabilities. I have a lot of different brands. If you need more detailed discussion re robots you can do a lot worse than this forum.