Ring record during alarm?

I am trying to setup my smartthings as an alarm. I can’t find a way to make the alarm trigger my connected Ring Spotlight Cam Wired to record. Has anyone been able to accomplish this?

Which model hub do you have? And are you using the new app or the classic app? The features vary somewhat.

I have the V3 hub and I tried in both apps.

Does ring allow IFTTT to start a recording?

No the applet doesn’t support any Ring actions. You can detect motion or the button being pressed, but that’s used to pass control to another device.

The classic app has an option to add a camera to the Smart Home Monitor by my Ring Spot Light Cam doesn’t show up. It looks like the only way my Ring Cam integrates with either Smartthings app is as a motion sensor

So, my main reason for this post is that I am putting a camera inside my home and don’t want it recording all day when I am home. I think I have found a solution. I am going to plug my Ring camera into a smart plug that I will set to turn off when my ST Home Monitor is turned off, and turn on when I set the monitor to “away”. This way, it just kills the power when I don’t want it to be recording.