Ring Pro Silent Mode

I’d like to have a smart doorbell that can be triggered to be silent under certain circumstances. I see that the Ring Pro has a silent mode but can this be set with smartthings rules? I’ve seen another thread where you can use a Chime and a smart outlet to achieve the same thing, but if I was going to rely on that route I’d just get the original Ring and not the Pro.

I would also like to know.

I have the Ring Pro and all I seem to have access to in ST is the motion sensor.

Not only it is not possible from the app I had to call Ring support to silent the chime at the door. Ring tech support can modify parameters you are unable via the Ring app let alone smarthings but that’s not something you can automate. For inside the house door bell used by pro, smart outlet will cut power to Pro too so you kinda loose Pro advantage. You can probably wire a low voltage relay like Go Control FS20Z that will interrupt wire going to the bell but will will not interrupt power wired to Ring Pro. it’s been while since I wired the Pro so ymmv.

Thanks, that’s good to know - though quite disappointing :confused:

Any updates on this? I’d like to know if it can be done on both Skybell HD and Ring Pro. Thanks in advance.

As of 6/1/17 Ring’s android app has been updated to include the ability to switch in and out of silent mode. But SmartThings and IFTTT don’t expose that function. It looks like the only things that are exposed are button press and motion detected. I looked for API documentation on the website to see if it were possible to implement but I could not find an up to date API doc. Sorry.

You can turn off your home doorbell chime in Ring Pro.