Ring Floodlight Cam

Hi SmartThings

Please use this thread to update us as to when integration with the new (due April 2017) Ring Floodlight Cam is available?!

Ring advertises SmartThings integration as a feature but I would be hesitant to purchase one of their Floodlight Cam devices until I have 100% confidence it is actually available and working (with SmartThings in the US AND UK).

If and when SmartThings does integrate please advise here!!!

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I’d think the folks at SmartThings will more than likely initially post in their Blog and/or Announcements thread in the Community.

While the SmartThings staff are active in the Community, I think much of their customer base may not poke their heads into the Community, so they’d probably start where they’d reach more people like in their Blog or Facebook site.



Sounds good. I will keep an eye out there too but if any of the SmartThings team does come across this thread and has some news then more channels the merrier!


Got my new Ring flood light camera today anyone been able to get them integrated with SmartThings?
So far SmartThings does not see it when trying to add it as a doorbell.

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NoWon, any luck on getting any connectivity with the Ring Flood light? I am close to purchasing it and wanted to determine if there was a way to get it working with SmartThings. As an FYI, I contacted both Ring and Samsung to determine if there was something in the works in the lab or if I can use a different device config to register and was just referred here.

Just got my floodlight installed yesterday, seems like we need to wait for integration.

No i haven’t got it integrate with SmartThings but have not spent a lot of time trying.
Overall build quality is very good and easy to setup.
Ringpro integrated fine so I am sure the flood light will eventually.
The only thing I don’t like about the Ring products is the inability to turn off the infrared night vision in settings

Chat with support it may be a back-end setting to turn off night vision. I already had to get their help to adjust the motion sensitivity on the floodlights as that setting is not available in the app yet. (This is the number sensitivity that you find on the Ring Pro, its supposed to show up in zone setup)

Odd the flood light motion sensitivity shows up on my android app the same as the Ringpro under motion settings not when I actually setup a new zone. Using version 1.9.69
Apple ios version 3.8 shows the same have not checked Windows yet.

Ya I don’t see a numbered range from 1-10. I only see the slider that says people to all activity and that’s on the screen before zone setup.

Doesn’t look like they have an Integration for the Floodlight yet? I can’t find it. My Doorbell Pro works but, not my Floodlight.

I think Ring dropped the ball on this. Still on the FAQs of their site it say that the Floodlight cam is compatible with SmartThings. I may call Ring tomorrow so they can give me the run around and tell me to call Samsung.

Same here, I’ll buy Ring today.

Any updates on this? Does it work with ST? Will it work anytime soon? Any IFTT integration available? Thanks!

Looking for updated information on this as well. At minimum would like to see it as a motion sensor in ST. Hopefully they will release something soon. I will take a look at the current Ring Doorbell code and see if I can manhandle it for the floods.

Anyone know of a way to view the code from the Ring Connected app that runs in the background for the ring camera? I doubt the integration is much different other than some new buttons/functionality. I can’t find a way to view the code that runs the doorbells.

You can use Stringify to connect both the Floodlight and Spotlight to ST.

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I bought my Ring Floodlight cam with the intention of integrating it with Smartthings… that’s when I stumbled across this page. So I sent an email to Ring and they confirmed that they have allowed integration on the Ring end but it seems as Samsung Smartthings haven’t yet intergrated on their end!! Smartthings is this true?? if so why is UK always so slow to get the good stuff! Sort it out!

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I hope Smartthings do come through for us. I have a Floodlight cam and I was hoping it had integration…