Ring Doorbell: Two-way talk?

I have a Ring Doorbell and was able to integrate it with Classic & Samsung connect apps(s) to achieve ‘live’ view from discussions found here.
Question I have now, is there a way to gain Two-way talk through either app?

Not that I know of. Why would you want to? Just curious…

I currently have a Schlage z-wave door lock connected. Rather then switching between two apps, I wanted to consolidate access control (for deliveries) under one app (Smartthings).

Aww I see. Would really loved it if Ring added a unlock button to their app. Depending on your phone. It might be just a quick to add a ‘widget’ on your phone to unlock the door. Widgets are typically easily accessible.

The irony is, I’ll bet this is coming… if you have their Ring Alarm because the base station it uses has Z-Wave and people have already connected a LOT of non-Ring Alarm devices to it… like locks… and light switches… and they all work…