Ring Doorbell Pro


Very new to this so please bare with me. I am interested in this doorbell. I currently have my doorbell hard wired and so (theory) changing this should be pretty simple.

Looking at the literature it says you need to have an online account with Ring to upload images/video. Just spoke to Ring as I want to use my NAS and they said you can use stringfy.

I guess my question is
Has anyone installed the Pro version and used stringfy to configure it and would it be fully compatable with SmartThings (I now see Ring video door bell Pro under marketplace)?


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It looks like you want to do something like #1 on this page:


I’ve never done this. I’ve used IFTTT to perform activities that used motion dection to turn on the front porch light, but retired them once ST had device handlers that handled motion detection and button presses because IFTTT started to have too long of a lag.

As far as I know, Stringify may be the only one supporting the video file upload (I haven’t checked IFTTT in a while). I’m a little surprised it would not require a ring cloud subscription to have access to that URL, etc. But maybe the cloud subscription just ensures that you see it in the mobile app event history and that it is stored for a long period of time. (That convenience may be worth the few dollars a month they charge.)

I have 2 ring devices and only 1 has a cloud subscription. I’ll probably play with using Stringify on my device without the subscription. (Not sure how soon I’ll get to it though.)

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I have used it setup with Stringify and also Smart things, you will need a subscription to upload it to something like Dropbox though.

Did you need to have a paid cloud service through ring in order for it to work?

Yes you need a subscription to be able to upload the video to Dropbox. I’ve always had one so can not try without but that’s what Stringify tells you when you setup the integration so I suspect its true.
The subscription is pretty cheap anyway to be honest and keeps the Ring service going.

Gotcha, thanks for the info. I agree $30/year is a no brainer for cloud service and, the unlimited devices for $100/year was a good play by ring. It makes me want to buy more devices to get a better value for the cloud service :dizzy_face:

Surely there is a way to use this expensive hardware without paying an annual subscription which I begrudge when there are so many file storage websites out there like dropbox?

It’s quite true that you’ll need a paid subscription for your Ring Video Doorbell Pro ($30/yearly) to upload vids to dropbox or Google Drive.