Ring Doorbell and Google Mini announcement

Hi. I have e another idea but no idea how to do it or if it can be done.

Idea… If motion in bathroom and ring doorbell is pressed, Google home in bathroom tells me so.

Anyone seen something like this before or can help guide me?

Well, I’m not sure what you have setup in your system, so I’m going to assume you don’t have Ring or your GH mini connected to ST yet but do have a motion sensor in the bathroom.

So, first thing would be to get your Ring connected to ST. Easiest way is through IFTTT. When you have a new “ring” you can use that as an IFTTT trigger. Within IFTTT you have several different options to use as triggers but the easiest would be to use a Virtual Switch created in ST IDE. Turn the switch on when Ring detected.

Next is to get your GH mini connected to ST. This is no easy task as there is no native integration. Any solution will require a “man-in-the=middle” server, like a Raspberry Pi. Look up a project called Cast-Web-API on here, that will give you all the details.

Now we need something to bring it all together. I would recommend WebCoRE. This will also be a Major undertaking but you should find a bunch of posts on here about installing it. You can also go to the WebCoRE community forum (community.webcore.co) and get info on installing webCoRE. This will allow you to build a rule to do exactly what you mention above.

So, what did you get and what do you need more on? Or have I completely scared you away? LOL

Hey buddy. Haha no not scared off. Got gh’s. SmartThings, sensors coming out me butt etc etc. But you have given me what I need… The Pi web cast, will look into that. Cheers buddy.

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