Ring Door Clone - Chinese Version (Digoo)

Just found a clone of the ring door device:

Anyone used it? Any chance we could integrate it to Smartthings?

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China can just do anything, but their lack of respect for intellectual property and copyright law is just staggering.


I’d imagine like most Chinese knock off it is probably missing some of the features of the original

Looks like it might be bigger and uglier than the ring

Believe it or not. I have one and it’s not even close compare to ring. It’s a little bigger than Ring and cheaper looking but not terribly bad looking. Video is the only thing good with the device. Delay is long even with good connection, battery is a joke, drop off line too often and it’s using a third party apps. No integration with anything really.
I gave it away after 2 weeks. My plan was to have it in the Playroom to monitor my kids.
Save yourself the sanity and avoid at all cost. On the other hand. Their Digooeye cam is really good. I have a couple and like them.


@Navat604 Can you access the camera (Digooeye) via API (snapshot) or http via browser. Bottom line I want to integrate with ActionTiles and it does not support RSTP.


And that is the only way to build an economy nowadays. But then, piracy has been a constant throughout human history hasn’t it.

I have them connecting to Blue Iris then over to ActionTiles for this very reason.

For about the same price as the cheap Chinese clone, you are better off going with the Aeon Labs doorbell.

You missed the point. The conversation was about Ring Doorbell with Camera built in being cloned by China. Not a standared doorbell by Aeotec…Be it still a good choice.

My point was don’t waste your money on a cheap Chinese clone.

Hello, can you tell me how you managed to connect to blue iris?

Thank you

We are talking about the Digooeye cam and not the SB-XYZ door cam right?
The Digooeye cam has onvif so in blue iris you can set per picture below.

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