Ring devices and Smarttings hub 3rd gen note to self

Hoping this will help someone(s) having WiFi connection issues with Ring products.

I have a 3 pack of the smartthings hub 3rd gen. I have lots of amazon smart plugs and other 2.4ghz items riding on the network.

I bought ring cameras and could not get their setup complete due to ‘poor wifi signal’. I used a 50’ cable to place an Ethernet-connected Hub within 5’ of the Ring camera. Same poor signal response.

I just happened to notice that another device for my fish tank was not connected since installing the Hubs. I went to configure that device and in the WiFi list it took my WiFi name and scrambled the apostrophe into a non keyboard character… HMMMM.

My WiFi name looked something like “Flex’n”. I removed the apostrophe within the SmartThings App and presto… Ring products connected with excellent signal.

Nowhere could I find any advice or FAQ here or at Ring to suggest my WiFi name could be the problem.

Again, hope it helps!

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Excellent tip, thanks!

One small point just for clarification. (The first rule of Home Automation: “the model number matters.”).

If you bought a 3 pack, it’s not the “V3 hub.” That’s model GP-U999SJVLGDA.

A 3 pack would be either the “Samsung Connect Home,” model ET-WV520 (note single logo)


Or the newer “Samsung SmartThings WiFi with Plume,” model ET-WV525KWEGUS (note two logos)

I mention it because the two have very different network admin software (that’s what Plume is on the newer one), so what’s an issue with one might be fine with the other.

Thanks again for the tip! :sunglasses: