Ring device -on mobile device but not on hub

Help please. I have been able to add a ring device to the hub but according to the IDE there is no SmartApp associated with it. On my cell phone I can see the Ring app but I cannot delete it to reinstall and I cannot uninstall it from IDE because it does not exist. I am not a coder so if anyone can help me get the Ring App installed on the hub I would be very grateful.

Are you using the Classic or regular app?

We are calling it the regular app now? :sunglasses:


I am guessing it is the regular app since we have only had the ring roodbell a short time, I have just looked and I cannot find an “About” to give a version.

Not what most are calling it…:rofl:

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If the app icon is one large circle, then you are using the Classic app. If the app icon has 6 small circles, then it is the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app.

The I have the Classic app

If you are looking under My Smartapps in IDE, you will not find it there since you will generally only find smart apps using custom code there.

On the ST app, look in Automation in the bottom menu and then choose Smartapps from the upper menu. There you will find the Ring app.

It is there but clicking on the Ring App always results ina screen saying “Something is wrong!” We can’t load your screen right now. So at that pint I am stuck and I cannot uninstall the app

Yes, that is not fun! Try signing out of the ST app. Go to the More tab in the lower menu, click on My Account and signoff. Then login as New to SmartThings. Then try to open the ring app.

You are using the main account for your ST account and not a shared account?

If that fails, contact ST support at https://support.smartthings.com
It is sometimes better to call in order to get a faster response.

Another option would be to install the STSC app and see if Ring works there.

Go it -many thanks!

Eh. at some point it isn’t “new” anymore. :grinning: And i’m guessing most new users consider it the “normal/regular” app.

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And the official support knowledgebase just calls it the SmartThings mobile app as opposed to the SmartThings Classic.


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