Ring Bell and Smartthings hub

Hi Everyone
I am planning to add a Ring bell to my portfolio of devices. I have a Smarthings hub v1.
SO I have 2 questions

  1. Do I need to upgrade to v2 of the hub in order to make this work or can it work with v1 hub
  2. from the smarthing page I see only the Ring Video Door Bell Pro, Can it support any Ring or only that one. I am ok with this one but do not see a different color for this model and I need a shiny brass :frowning:
    So if they have one it is fine, if not then can I use another ring wifi enabled door bell which has the multiple color options

Appreciate any help


Their documentation/support info does not specify, so you could assume that it doesn’t matter. You could email support to confirm.

ST integration supports both, regardless of color :wink: