Ring and Schlage

Maybe this question has been asked before, but I cannot find anything using search, so apologies in advance.

I noticed that the Ring security system app now allows me to add Schlage locks as devices. Currently, my Schlage locks are configured via ST hub and I am using Rboy DTH/SmartApps and they are working very well for me.

Question is: If I add Schlage locks to Ring security system via Ring’s app, would I have to first exclude these locks from ST hub? This would mean I will lose all functionality of the ST DTH/SmartApps?


Yes, a device can only be paired to one hub. I initially paired my Kwikset locks with my Ring alarm system, but there is no functionality to lock the door when the system is armed or to lock the door after a period of time. Maybe when they add in the ability to disarm the system by unlocking a door with the correct code I’ll move them back to Ring, but for now all my locks are paired with ST.

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Thanks. I will continue to use ST.